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Getting The Word Out About Homeopahty (Or Your Own Topic)
I get asked a lot about how I can tell people about website traffic at various organizational meetings. After all, these people are experts in one area or another just like this site is about Homeopathy, and they don't care about website traffic.

Let's look at that for a minute.
Homeopathy is growing worldwide, but when a new breakthrough occurs, it is up to the members of the community to get the word out, is it not? We are all only one person, and unless our reach can be significantly improved, we are stuck with only being able to reach our circle of friends.

Not that I don't love my friends, but most of them could care less about homeopathic cures for sickness unless they are sick and have to spend time in the physician's office. It is critical that we get the word out to hundreds of thousands more people than we can reach alone, especially when a new flu shot could do more harm than good, or an herbal cure for cancer is available but nobody knows about it yet.

Getting The Word Out
So here we are, about to break the news to the world, and we write about it on our blog. If we write a blog post, and nobody reads it, did we really write it? As we write the press releases, articles and blog posts, we need to be touching as many people as we can with our message. Which means better keyword targeting, more interconnectivity between our blogs and social networks and a way to make PPC (pay per click) campaigns cost as little as possible so that more people will see our news for every penny spent!

In the larger scheme of things, the more places you get your message exposed, the more people will be touched by it. I highly recommend that everyone on this network use the social nature of this site and make friends, but do not limit it to this site. Also connect with people on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Youtube and Flickr to name but a small fraction of the places you should be connecting.

I have found a site that helps you connect to many of these other locations and makes every post count, because you can send out blog posts to multiple sites, tweets to multiple places and you are in the center of it all, building a following of people who are searching for information about your specialty! Check out this new Social Network for professionals, and I recommend you look closely at the Founder Position, because it gives you the ability to place videos on your main page, so that you can have breaking stories coming out on your site, and attract new people who are interested in your particular area of expertise.

Want More Information?
If you want more information on how I interconnect my blogs with social networks, you can read more on my blogs. I have a blog that discusses traffic at Your Directory Website Info and a blog that discusses the Social Net Effect News around the globe. I can answer questions about these topics, simply post a comment and I will do my best to get back with you as quickly as possible.

Remember that we are only able to help others if we have the ability to reach them. My goal here is to place you in a position to succeed at getting the word out about homeopathy and your specific breakthroughs in this very exciting area! Start now and see how fast we can make a difference around the world!


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