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What are you doing to develop your Sokule Network? It never ceases to amaze me......
What are you doing to develop your Sokule Network?

It never ceases to amaze me when I share some excellent tools with friends of mine only to discover that they have done absolutely nothing with them.

Doesn't that just baffle you?

Less than an hour ago I used one of the tools which I recently shared and already I have a new person on my team of squeekers in Sokule!  I think that is So Cool, don't you?

Yet most of the people I shared this with have not even used it.

It seems that many network marketers feel that simply signing up for something is all it takes but we have to make it work Guys!  This is just the tool.  We have to use it to get results!

I make an effort every single day to do something which will help that tool become more effective by explaining what it can do for the users and as a result my network of viewers are increasing tremendously.  What this means is that every three days I have the ability to send out a new message to everyone on my new list which was generated by using that tool.

I want to share it with you guys too but I do hope you will use it.  If you get it, I will see who has added other people to it and my confidence in marketers will be reenforced.

Just check it out in my left sidebar from my post it page:

It's called "Desktop Lightning" and I received the following email from Sokule within 15 minutes of sending my last message using that system.

Hi Robbie,

Congratulations! You just signed up a new
Sokule.com Member.

Here are their details...

Go Ahead!  Hit me in the face and take a look!

Robbie Bracco


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