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Beef or Dessert?

Take your choice: Beef or Dessert?

 Ever think to yourself or mention to a team mate “If only I could have only gotten in before launch”?

A few days ago, a few people learned about a new creation  called  8K A Week , the few have turned into thousands and the viral progression has begun.

8K A Week is happening .Launch February !st. 9PM /EST/

Before Launch you can join for only $20 .


9PM the price goes back to $32.95


I know that you have many irons in the fire.I also believe that this is a rare opportunity.

Please give me 3 minutes and read this through and you be the judge.

8 K A Week.

What does this mean?

We have a rear opportunity to get in a fab.business,  ground floor, which can produce

8K A Week !


The "BEEF" is the compensation plan!

Simply Brilliant.The matrix is an original hybrid: a 3 X 6 forced filled staggered matrix.

If you are not familiar these terms, not to worry.You only need to know is this:Take your position and become qualified to receive maximum earnings.


How can you KRAZY 8 Qualified? Simply invite 3 or more and have them do the same. When you have enrolled 3 people personally who each have enrolled 3 personally you are Qualified  That's it!

---  AND here comes in the POWER of our Sokule Team, 

where we All Work Together!   "We go farther, faster when we go together'

We are positioning friends & trackers in 8KAWeek first comes, first served.

If you have questions, please contact me .You'll find my contact under my signature below.

You should be sure that we are completely dedicated to  8K A WEEK  !!!!!


You see if you personally enroll:

1 Enrollee up to…………$123 per week
2 Enrollees up to……….$366 per week
3 Enrollees up to……….$1824 per week
3 who have 3 up to…….$8007 per week
3 or more who 3 ……… Unlimited  


And now to The "DESSERT":

You probably thinking now: Gabriella, this is AWESOME ! We can make 8K soon, but what is this 8K A Week.com is all about? It is legal ? Where the money will come?

Let see:

The founder is David Rosen-- creator of two of the greatest programs on the Internet currently ongoing in over 60 countries for the past 7 years.And he done it again, only this time even better because 8K A Week has: Low Entry Price Point, HUGE WEEKLY payouts.

The product :Custom Proprietary software has been formulated and owned by David Rosen is tried and tested, stressed and proven to do exactly what we say it can!

Something what Marketers World Wide can use.

Website based capture page templates with a simple auto responder. You can easily create a beautiful site and a web presence that will allow you to market yourself, your products your current opportunity or business. 

How sweet is that?

So. Beef or Dessert?

Some will go for the The Beef. Some will go for The Dessert. But most of us will enjoy Both!

Blessings and Warm Regards,

Gabriella DArko

Contact.1SokuleTeam@gmail.com   subject:8K


You do not have to be a member of Sokule to be positioned in 8K a week with our Team. But I highly recommend to join us. This is Jane Mark and Phil Basten's 17.000 member + strong and rapidly growing  Business Social Network.You can join Free or paid.Hint: Take a good look at Jane's generous OTO -It's a good deal:)

Click the link below .It brings you to my Sokule-page:





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