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Do You Have A Favorite Charity That You'd Love to Help?

 If you, or someone you know, has a real heart for
helping needy people through private charitable
you should know about WAZZUB...

Have you heard about WAZZUB or WAZZUB
Charity Funds? If not,...I urge you to check it out...
because over 3 million people worldwide have
WAZZUB  F.REE... in it's first 10 weeks!!

No other site has grown membership this fast,...

NEVER in the history of the Internet!!...Not even
FaceBook or Google... And
WAZZUB's Charity
Component will be a "GodSend" for needy Ministries.

WHY the phenomonal growth?...because it is FREE
FOREVER,...and offers an easy, "once in a lifetime"
opportunity to attain a LIFETIME of MONTHLY Residual
Income for both individuals AND NON-PROFITS...again,
at ZERO Cost and ZERO Risk!...

In short...
WAZZUB has developed a Patent-Pending
"Perfect Home Page" Site that they believe will, in time,
attract as many users as Facebook...and along with that...
HUGE advertising revenues.

What's DIFFERENT is...
WAZZUB will share 50% of it's profits
with those members and charities who join by April 9th...

and make
WAZZUB their Home Page...THAT'S IT!!

Do you know how much FaceBook & Google...with their
billions of dollars in monthly profits...share with their users?
The answer is...ZERO!!...ZIP!...NADA!...ZILCH!!

The are only 2 requirements for a Charity to participate:
   1.   They must be an Accredited Non-Profit Organization
   2.   They must be Invited by an individual member of

If you are interested,...Here's What to do NOW!...

      Register FREE at:  

      Then go to http://Wazzub.com ; for information to share with your Charity
Don't pass this up!...and REGRET it later...THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE!!
If you can't find an eligible Charity...Consider
WAZZUB for yourself and
those you care about.

With HIS Blessing,

Dennis Morstad

P.S.   When something GOOD comes along, you can be sure that
the Naysayers will appear...They ALWAYS DO!...So, If you're skeptical
because of some naysayers who are publishing negative statements



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