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Create YOUR Own COLOURED QR Code Stand Out In Crowd Make It POP
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Create YOUR own Individual Coloured QR Code getWOW FACTOR get FREE QR Code then for a once only $39 investment pick colour of your choice be a LEADER stand out from the crowd match it to your logo or your own personality don't let your card get lost in the wallet Include on your stationery emails even your shop window and in all of your advertising campaigns we all know a URL would not have the same impact as someone has to search for that instead of just scanning image of QR Code and your details are instantly available. Imagine how Impressed your potential clients will be when you hand them out at the next conference you attend or include them on all the information you provide when you hold your own events, and one of the best things yet letting them know they can also take advantage of this technology. When you provide them with high level of service how easy it will be for them to reccommend you to others as just by scanning card they have instant access to your services increasing your happy customer base at no additional cost to you at all. This technology is NOT just for business use its a real COOL way to catch up with mates and imagine how many numbers you would get at a party if all you had to was scan an image and info goes to contacts never lose that vital number again. WEB 3.0 is here NOW be part of it DON'T get left behind Combine this with YOUR OWN PHONE APP WITH UNLIMITED TEXT PLATFORM and you have one of the most cost effective and cost efficient COOL ways to connect communicate and catchup available today for less than what it costs for ringtones and night out at Maccas   

Hi! its jenny shippen here proud to a SIR with The ICANetwork providing local business for the first tine ever to achieve results driven not by level of advertising budget at time of campaign but by interest shown in product or service with the most cost efficint,cost effective Coolest way available today

->   http://VirtualBusinessCards.mobi/r/jshippen

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