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Mom Dropped The Jelly Beans And...
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Mom Dropped The Jelly Beans And...

Last night, at our Easter Dinner, Mom dropped
the Jelly Beans all over the floor and I ate
a bunch of them-I especially like the red ones
and Now I am sick as a dog and Mom looks
very unhappy with me. What''s a Pom to do:)

Well Now that I have your attention, Did Mom
tell you that targeting has come Sokule?

So, For example, if you want to target your
posts or your emails to only squirts like
me, you can choose to post to the Pets

Of Suppose you want to target your posts
and your emails to to Biz Opps only, you can
do that now at Sokule.

You can post to all categories or select
specific categories. Your choice

You can email to all categories or select
specific categories. Your choice.

Mom Tells me it is always better to target
your posts or emails to a warm group of
prospects whenever you can.

And, Today only, Mom says she is running
a special on the annual Sokule Silver
membership which is a membership that
lets you do a whole bunch of stuff including
target your posts and your emails

And she is naming that special after me:)

The Jelly Bean Special

Upgrade to silver today using this one
time offer paylink.

It will save you oodles of money over
the members area upgrade.

And Here's what You get with Silver

* Pay once a year at a huge savings to you
* Build you a list on auto pilot
* Email that list every 3 Days
* Target Your Posts and Your emails
* Post to 86 Social Media Sites and
  targeted blogs with just 1 click
* Post to over 1.4 million KuleWall viewers
* Post messages as long as you like on Sokwall
* Use Sokwall 2.0 to get listed by the Search engines quickly
* Sokwall posts generate unique links for you
* You can use yoru unique link anywhere on the net.
* Pre schedule up to 25 posts
* Auto Welcome your Trackers
* Edit Your Posts
* Cutomized your posting page the way you want to
* Post from your mobile phone at no cost to you
* Earn Commissions from 78.80 t0 998 per sale
  Plus recurring income

And today only, you will get 7.5 million sokens
along with your upgrade which will build an
instant list for you on auto pilot.

And you will get 50 Yakens at Yakamore
with your silver upgrade at Sokule.
(Sokens and Yakens Value alone is 9650.00)

Mom dropped the Jelly Beans...don't you drop
the silver Jelly Bean Special. It is here
today, gone tomorrow.

Use the special paylink to upgrade your
sokule account to silver


Go get um
Track me on Sokule.
You never know what I will be up to next

PS: The paylink above is a manual upgrade
Once you pay your account will be upgraded
within 24 hours and the sokens added to
your account. You will get a detailed
welcome email once your account has been upgraded.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, Join us
right here


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