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Want 10,000's of free ad credits daily?

There are big rewards to be had for telling your friends about Click Voyager traffic exchange!
** You'll earn 20% of all your direct referrals' earned traffic and 10% of the
traffic earned by another four full levels of referrals! On top of that, you'll
also earn CV League Points every time any of these pages are shown.

** Every day at midnight (server time), the day's top 200 clickers receive a 0.1% bonus from everyone who was less active than them in the entire Click Voyager membership. This means that the member who earns the most credits in a day will receive 0.1% of all the credits earned by the second most active member, 0.1% of all the credits earned by the third most active member and so on all the way down and from every member of Click Voyager!

Lets say we
have 1000 active members in one day; the top clicker would receive a 0.1% bonus
from 999 other members! Now 0.1% doesn't sound that big but trust us - this adds up to a really big bonus for you!  You could receive 1,000's to potentially over 10,000 credits if you're high on the Top 200 daily!

** You can also win plays at the CV SLOTS and gain even MORE CREDITS!  This is a really fun TE with lots of ways you can earn traffic!

** PLUS:  Every week we'll draw 5 numbers for our Credit Lottery and, if your ticket matches, you could be winning thousands of credits instantly! Plus, if you're a Silver member, all prizes will be doubled and if you're a Gold member, all prizes will be quintupled!
You can now earn 5 FREE lottery tickets every day - just earn 200 credits on the regular Surf For Credits and your lottery tickets will automatically be added at the end of the day. These free tickets work just like regular purchased tickets and will be valid for the next draw.
If you don't want to surf 200 pages, you can trade credits for tickets: Each ticket costs 10 credits and you can play as often as you like!
THE CURRENT JACKPOT is over 500,000 credits!  That's what you'll win if you match all 5 numbers!
Match 4 numbers and win 1,000 credits, Match 3 numbers and win 100 credits, Match 2 numbers and win 20 credits.

I just upgraded to Gold so I can earn more credits, the upgrades are fantastic and lowcost!  CLICK VOYAGER is the hottest place to be on the entire internet!

Check out this cool rotator you can use to promote ClickVoyager, it will rotate the sites you have entered at CV, and the top bar helps you bring in referrals, cool!


Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom



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