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Website promotion via social networking, search and bookmarking (Article)

If you've been trying to drive traffic to your website without paying for it, you have to know by this time that collaborating in online communities is one of the finest ways. For this article, I will be able to concentrate on only 3 types. Most typically, new web-masters try to push their internet site by subscribing to a web forum or news related site like Slashdot or Digg. Additionally, there are 2 other overlooked communities that may help you drive heaps of traffic to your internet site and that includes social search websites and social book-marking websites.

When it comes down to the use of online forums as a part of your promotional program it's vital that you remember the most essential rule and that is, do not spam. Ensure that you are actively taking part in the debate and you aren't there just to pump your web site.

Many of those forums use a moderation system that permits other users to give your posting such a low score that the majority of folk will never see it. This is what will happen to you if you spam the forum other than naturally getting banned all together. If you add suggestive comments to a conversation, other users will take an interest in what else you've got to say and they're going to visit your internet site either through your signature or your profile.

It is terribly difficult for surfers to find the most important sites to resolve their questions. Even Google's results although the best compared with other search sites regularly aren't the most topical. In an attempt to get round this muddle, web users are coming together in social search websites like Rollyo.com to form a searchable collection of sites with helpful content.

If you're a web-master and you would like to market your content rich site and your search engine optimisation isn't working then you may want to think about submitting your site to one of these social search sites. Finally, social bookmarking websites like del.icio.us are becoming hot and you can definitely use them to pump your site. In social bookmarking, you store links to your favorite websites online so you can get access to them from any PC that you are using.

Additionally, you indicate a group of tags for each link that you submit. You and other web surfers can use these tags to hunt for links of similar interest to their own. This is how it's possible for you to pitch your site. Simply bookmark your website and tag it with the most relevant keywords. Then, when others search using these keywords, your site will come up and they would pay you a visit. If visitors enjoy your website, they would bookmark it themselves skyrocketing the possibilities that others will come across it.




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