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*Just In* My Space Added To Sokule. Now Post to 30
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*Just In* My Space Added To Sokule. Now Post to 30


Breaking News...
*New Today*

My Space is Now Your Space at Sokule.

My Space has been added to our posting sites
for Sokule.

Sokule Now Post to 30 of the best known
Social Media sites on the net.

Sokule now posts to the big three, Twitter
and Facebook and My Space and 27 other Social
Media Sites in a nano Second.

1 Post 1 Click And You're Done.

We Ping the Weblogs for you, 37 of them
and make Google and the other Search
Engines sit up and take notice of your

Sokule does all the work for you
You just make one post and it is all over
the net before you can log out of your
Sokule account.

In fact you never have to log into any
of your Social Media accounts anymore
We reach them all with just one post.

My Space is a Big Get and you will love
posting to it.

This is so neat
I am so Gobsmacked about this one.

My Space is Now Your Space at Sokule


Go Get it.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

Up Date... Get Um While the Getting is Good.

We only have 85 left.

Founding Membership information.
85 and counting down.

This is a deal you can sink your teeth into.

You Pay Once and get the benefits of Sokule forever.

Here is what you get as a founding member

*Our highest commission pay on sales 50%

*Access to every application we add to Sokule forever

We have two years on the drawing boards
and we add things all the time.

Founders get them all as part of their membership

*A Special Founders seal on your postit page
which sets your site apart from all others
and helps you sell founding memberships
as well. That can put a big chunk of change
in your pocket at one time.

You can see that seal on my page here

*You get early notice of any sokule related
site that we develop that has an affliate
program so that, if you are interested, you
can promote it early to your lists.

A new one will be out in about six weeks.

You get two permananet business listings
in the members area of Sokule to where
you can post your own business ad and edit
and change those ads at any time.

You get to post to every Social Media site
that we add to Sokule ever and there is
where the real power of Sokule lies.

You get 350,000 Sokens on upgrade which you
can use to get trackers fast by making
a nice high Sokens offer.

Double It!

Just for upgrading today, we will double
that sokens offer to 700,000 which is a value
of 889.00 . I will add these sokens manually
to your account should you choose to become
one of our founding members. This double up
offer ends today, Jan 31st.

Our founding membership deal is probably one of
the best advertising deals we have ever offered
on the net in the ten years we have been
running an Online Ad AGency.

Right now these memberships are selling
at a huge discount to the first 500
people who take them. Then they go way
up. 415 are spoken for

Only 1500 Founding memberships will ever
be sold at Sokule and after the first
500 are gone at the discount price, the
price for the next 1000 will go way up
and I mean way up.

We will be adding new applications over the
next 30 to 90 days and we have about
2 years of applications on the drawing
board, all of which you will get just
for being in with us from the get go
as a founding member.

You can upgrade to founding member right
in the members area of Sokule or you
can contact me for a special paylink that
lets you pay in Three installments

contact me at












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