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Sokule Meet Irene Denver and Hyves
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 Sokule Meet Irene Denver and Hyves


I would like you meet Irene Denver and
give her that good old Sokule Welcome.


Irene is an Aussie like my partner, Phil,
and she is one dynomite lady who is going
to help you to learn all your Sokule P's and
Q's soon.

We met Irene on Mike Filsaime's marketing cruise
and she really shines. You will love her.

Irene will be doing some training for us on
Sokule once she learns all the ins and outs
of it and I have a feeling it won't take her

She has a background that makes her just
right for the Sokule.

Irene was a training consultant for 17 years,
ran workshops on personal computer software as
a Microsoft accredited trainer. She owned a
Computer Training Centre for 15 yrs with between
2 and 4 training courses running daily. 
She has written dozens of training manuals,
and instructional material.

Irene is just what the doctored ordered
and we are so looking forward to working with
her at Sokule.

Please give her a hearty Sokule Welcome!

If you are not yet tracking her, go to her
postit page and track her now.


You will hear more about this as Irene develops
the training materials that Sokule needs.

Now! In case you missed it yesterday...

You can get now post on My Space in addition
to Tiwtter and Facebook and 27 other sites

Use the powerful posting tools that Sokule offers you.

If you can swing it, start as a silver member
of Sokule which gets you all of the current
posting sites that we offer in addition to
all of the applications that we offer

Auto Welcoming your trackers
Direct Squeek and email all your tracker
Longer posts
Sokwall- my favorite for posting longer articles
Post to 30 Social Media Sites
Ping 37 weblogs with your posts
Earn higher comm*issions
Add videos and graphics to your site
Add live links to your site.

And so much more...

Log into your member area and go to the upgrade
button and you will see what each membership
offers you and grab the highest one you can

You can log in here


Your username is [username]

Your password is [pass]

Meet Hyves-Coming to a Theater Near You Soon

In the next couple of days, you will be able
to add a new posting site to your posting networks

Meet Hyves...


I will tell you how to use it when it goes
live . For now just join it and where it asks
you for your blog, take your word press
url that you already post on from Sokule now
and you will be good to go when we add this
to our networks in the next couple of days.

Hyves is a site from Holland and many
Europeans ( like about 9 million) belong to it.

This is a great way to begin to introduce
Sokule and your products to a brand new market.

While many English speaking countries do not
speak Dutch. I assure you that many Dutch
speaking people speak English so this will
be a nifty place to post to.

Why is it that we don't learn other languages?

Oh well that is a discussions for another day:)

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Sokule founders are disappearing fast
Lastest update only 84 left. Grab one in the
members area- upgrade while you still can.

These are the last 84 that will be sold at
our discount price. Don't say I didn't warn
you when they are gone. The price is going
way up on them and you will never get a
better offer for advertising reach then
you get with our founder offer.

Need more info?
Email me at






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