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We Are Giving Away Referrals...

NOT just for major players, but for EVERYONE!

So....how does spending $32.50 to get started and only $18.50 weekly thereafter sound?

Sounds like too much... doesn't it? Take my word for it... It is not!

You could not only be in profit after the first week... but very possibly well on your way to pocketing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every single week!

0 Enrollees up to = $42 per week 
1 Enrollee up to = $123 per week
2 Enrollees up to = $366 per week
3 Enrollees up to = $1824 per week
3 who have 3 up to = $8007 per week 
3 or more with 3 = Unlimited

Go Here Now Before the Price Increases!


Your link goes into this very rotator after you join. My link is nowhere in the picture. Only teammates who need 3 right now. I already have my three and want to help them and you!


We are going to set you well on your way to earning 8K a Week, and We're gonna show you how... Duplication is the key.

Here's a list of fellow Solkulians already on board:

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@miles @gpsuccess @oakaye @Yiota @trevb @mattesM @richgordon

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... 8KAWeek Can Help With That Too!

This is backed by 7 years of online success and David Rosen, Founder of 8K A Week.

The Business Building System You Get With 8KAWeek...

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Once you have joined from the rotator above, take note of your sponsors' name from the confirmation page with the tick boxes (you'll see). Then please email me as soon as possible, with your sponsors name and your new Guest Code ID#. I will need this information to help you in securing your three referrals.

Remember, with no referrals you make up to $42 per week. With three referrals you make up to $1824 per week, and when your three have their three, you make up to $8007 per week! Hence the name 8KaWeek!

If you have questions, please contact me. You'll find my contact info under my signature below.

Hurry! Waste no more time! Get in right now, today!

Team4Three & 8KaWeek
Skype: yvelem60


P.S. You don't have to be a member of Sokule to participate in our team build. But in case you may be interested in adding an awesome new marketing tool to your arsenal, Sokule is highly recommended and it's free.

Click the link below to gain access to Sokule and get acquainted with me at the same time:




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