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World's First Go Mobile Friendly Two Tier Commission Program!
Now you can catch the wave and cash in on the worlds first Go-Mobile-Friendly program. (This is Not a MLM program) 

Did you miss getting in at the beginning of GDI. In the 80/90s the big money maker was getting companies on the internet.
Back then, advertising in the newspaper or sending out flyers was not enough anymore. Everyone was jumping on the internet and getting a www. Website.

But now technology has evolved and now companies need to change once again. If you have standard (classic) website, you also need a mobile version of your website because standard websites are not designed for the mobile and tablet platform.

They look terrible and turns off visitors.

And, today, more and more people are using their smartphones for searching and it is estimated that in 2 years from now, more than 75% of all searches will be from mobile devices.

So, YES… you MUST go mobile,

The Mobile User Is An Extremely Motivated Consumer, And Is Ready To Act Now.

Mobile users typically have different interests than users of desktop devices. They are likely to have more immediate and goal oriented intentions than desktop internet users.

Studies presented by the Mobile Marketing Association indicate that the typical desktop user, when searching the internet in order to make a purchasing decision takes about one week to act on that decision. The typical mobile user takes about an hour to act on the same purchasing decision. The intentions of a mobile user are more often than not to find out specific pieces of information that are relevant to their search.

Stats and Facts:

- retailers can increase consumer engagement by 85% by having mobile specific website

-mobile users want to connect with the business in their local area.

-65% people prefer shopping using their mobile.

-mobile searches have QUADRUPLED in the last year alone

-70% of all mobile searches result in an action within 1 hour.

The world is your market place, ever site needs to convert or they will lose their market share.

The trend is clear companies must move with technology of they will lose their market share to their competitors who had the vision to convert their website to be mobile friendly.

If Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly, Visitors Will Leave, - Business Will Lose Over HALF Of Their Traffic!

To do this at one time to cost thousands of dollars and for the small business owner it was finanically out of reach.

Not any more, the Go-Mobile-Friendly has a one time cost of $690 and as a salesrep you would earn a cool $125. If you bring in a salesrep you would earn $30 on each of their sales.

This is real and this is happening now, the whole world is your oyster, you just have to do it.



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