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The Perfect Internet…With WAZZUB…Will Also Help You Financially…

The Perfect Internet…With WAZZUB…You will be Money ahead…

WAZZUB Perfect Homepage




Go Here to review the Introduction of the Perfect Internet Homepage…

Not only is your Perfect Internet Homepage ALWAYS FREE,…
It also brings you financial gain gain EVERY MONTH!!…

Instead of spending millions of $$$ for advertising, WAZZUB
rewards beta-launch members with DealPOINTS which are
like money

The more friends you invite to join our community FOR FREE
the more monthly DealPOINTS you will receive…beginning
after our final launch (Aug. 1/2012).

Use your DealPOINTS to shop for free in selected online shops,
to receive coupons for FREE dinners (not discounted) in
participating restaurants or to play free skill games vs. other
members and win Real Cash Prize Money

During beta-launch (April 13 – July 30) you can build your
DealFACTOR by inviting others to join our community for free.
Every new member counts +1 in your DealFACTOR, to 5
generations deep.

Starting with the Aug. 1 full launch, we reward you every month
with DealFACTOR according to the value of your DealFACTOR
accumulated during the Beta period.

For example, at full launch, if you accumulated a DealFACTOR
of 500 from signing up 100 FREE members (who each signed up
5 FREE Members)…you would get at least 500 DealPOINTS
every month… Plus
the DealPOINTS you earn that month

The Perfect Internet = Financial Gain, More Fun
and Increased Productivity.

It depends on the success of our project how many DealPOINTS
you will receive per DealFACTOR; that is why we call this Perfect
Internet Homepage the Success Sharing Phenomenon:

After the August launch…and onward... the more members that
join under you for free, the more MONTHLY DealPOINTS you
will receive…which you can continually use use just like money

On your new home page you will find 7 boxes.

1 – The TOP BOX contains the main menu and a  GOOGLE powered
search engine…PLUS a video search like YouTube

2 – The NEWS BOX displays the latest news from your favorite news sources.

3 – The DEALS BOX is full of deals on products that you are interested in…
which can be paid for with DealPoints, with FREE Shipping anywhere

4 – The WAZZUB BOX is your new communication tool…for messaging and
chatting with family, friends & associates…for sending Emails  by way of
WAZZUB Email Serves…ensuring that your emails are delivered…

5 – In the GAMES BOX you can find your favorite skill games…where you
can use Dealpoints to play in games where CASH Prizes can be won…

6 – The VIDEOS BOX keeps you up-to-date on your favorite video topics.

7 – The LINKS BOX is for all your links to pages of special interest such
as FACEBOOK, Zeek Rewards, Just Been Paid, Your Banking Site, your
Shopping Site, Your Empower Network Blog, etc,… to help design YOUR
OWN Perfect Internet Homepage.

In the beginning you will find your new home page very basic… with just a
few details to be personalized. This is because our project is a members’
project. During beta-launch (April 13 – July 30)every member is invited
to take part in the creation of this exciting project.

Become active and vote in our Project Polls (you will find them in our
WAZZUB Community). If you want to do more, join one of our Creators
Clubs (also in our WAZZUB Community) and put your good ideas into  practice.

Everything is possible when we ACTIVATE THE POWER OF “WE”!…Step by
step our members will create their “Perfect Internet” and we found
the PERFECT domain for this project: PERFECTINTER.NET! is the new home of our main page. We will keep
as the home of our community. WAZZUB is now a part of the “Perfect Internet”
and messages that you receive in our community will be automatically displayed
in the WAZZUB BOX of your new home page.

IMAGINE THIS…. (your success) you know what you like, friends, family….
DESIGN your page according to the way you… (feel good = look good -> look
good = feel good) = Attraction!

It’s like creating your own DREAM Network or Personal Network = Personal
attraction System!


Gee DeCosta



This is What “WE” call… The Power of “WE” So come on board!…help create the perfect internet…Where EVERYONE enjoys their own perfect home page…in THEIR language…according to THEIR interests…ALWAYS FREE!… and



Are you ready to create your own PERFECT INTERNET at


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