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A Crocodile can't stick it's tongue out but...
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A Crocodile can't stick it's tongue out but...


I never met a Crocodile who could stick
it's tongue out.

But I do know where you can find one
that will provide you with advertising
and a contact mailer with a bite.

You will find him here


He can offer you a mailer to over
25,000 members where you can reach
members right at their contact addresses

He can place your text ads at one of
the most popular and best known advertising
sites on the net

He can put 98.80 in your pocket everytime
you make a sale at Croc Ads and he can
provide you with the monthly recurring
income you need to succeed on the net.

He can get your top sponsor ads up for a song.

He can get your solo ads out in a nano
second right to members contact addresses
all for an affordable one time payment

He can provide the advertising zing that
you need to get tongues wagging about
you on the net.

Not yet a member, hop on the Croc's
back. He can help you find the sales
you need for whatever business you are


Maybe a Croc can't stick his tongue out
but he can sure provide you with advertising
with a bite.


Jane Mark
JPE advertising

PS: Be sure to pick up the oto as you sign
up for a lifetime mebership that lets you
mail every 3 days. Without it, you just
get a Croc that can't stick it's tongue out
With it you get a mailer with a bite for life.


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