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You Have Been Invited To Join One Of
The FIRST Teams To Be Coordinated On Sokule
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One By One, It Has Been Done...
The Team Leaders Are Waiting For You

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All For 3 And 3 For ALL - We Give Away Personal Referrals

Join One Of The Sokule Team Sponsors From The Rotator:

If you are not on Sokule,

you can get a free membership anytime:


8K A Week Is just the start of this Brand NEW - And NEVER
SO GENEROUS Compensation Plan that MANY will reach
8K A Week within a 2 week time!  Get In The Rotator!

Low Entry -
Huge Weekly Pay -
3X6 Forced Matrix -
Proactive Sponsors -
A Positive and Generous Change In How
We Help One Another Build Online In come!


There are just 3 steps to take to Maximize your
ea rnings with the 8KAWeek System...

First You Must Register:
Register with a Team Sposnor From The Rotator:

Step 1
Send your guest ID# And Name To Team Leader
And Include You Sponsors Name: 

Nina Spelman:  jkspel8kTeam@gmail.com

Step 2
With the help of your sponsor we will assist you in positioning 3 people on your team.

Step 3
Get with your 3 personal referrals and work with
your Upline team to help them get 3 referrals and
make sure they send their ID#'s to the team leader
for the above rotator.

Welcome To The Team.
Your Sponsor Will Be In Contact Shortly.
Any questions, contact team leader.


Look at this income example of 8KAWeek Compensation:

0 Enrolless...up to $42 per week
1 Enrollees....up to $123 per week
2 Enrollees....up to $366 per week
3 Enrollees....up to $1824 per week
3 who have 3...up to $8007 per week

See the jump in income for helping 3 get 3??

We Will HELP YOU Get Your Three And
Together We Will Help Them Get Three

People Helping People Be Proactive!





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