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(JBP) New Creative Mailer From Matthew Graves - Almost 5,000 Members.
Hello Fellow Marketer, 

We think you know by now, we are huge fans of original designs
in advertising resources. 

However, when a new mailer comes out with an original design,
well that's just the cherry on top of a big fudge sundae!

Matthew Graves is the owner of 3 very large traffic exchanges
with over 250,000 members.
We are one of his top 3 referrers
on his most recent launch, SplashPageSurfer.

Anyway, he's been quietly working on a new kind of mailer with
some very unique features. 

Check these out!

- Transfer credits from any one of his 3 traffic exchanges to 
your TopTierMailer account.
- Earn a downline from just being an active member.
- His system will automatically track all the links for emails
sent, emails delivered, emails opened and visitors to your site.
- Earn 50% commissions as an upgraded member and 10% as
a fr ee member.
- Upgraded members gain random referrals.
- Digest method of receiving emails... this is really cool!
- And much more...

We expect this mailer to grow to a substantial size in the future
so it's advised to get in while it's early.




Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(JBP) Jaye and Brad (JB) SOTAM Co-Founders Pledge (P)

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we pledge to only
promote quality programs that add value to your advertising/money
making efforts. While we cannot guarantee every opportunity will
be worthwhile, we will research the admin history, market
opportunity, and promote only those programs we believe to have
the highest market demand.


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