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Go Mobile with a Mobile Friendly Website.

In the 90s the big money maker was getting companies on the internet.

Advertising in the newspaper or sending out flyers  was not enough anymore.  Everyone was getting a www. Website.  But  now technology has  evolved again  and  now companies need to change once again.  If you have standard (classic) website, you also need a mobile version of your website because standard websites are not designed for the mobile and tablet platform.

They look terrible and turns off visitors.

Go mobile with ICANetwork

And, today, more and more people are using their smartphones for searching and it is estimated that in 2 years from now, more than 75% of all searches will be from mobile devices.

So, YES… you MUST go mobile with ICANetwork  -

This is a fact, it is a growing trend  and nothing can stop his phenomenon. If a  that www. site is not mobile friendly, if people need to squint,  or physically have to  manipulate and enlarge that  mobile screen  they will not bother and leave.

We all know that in business  if you do not make it easy for customers,  if you make it diffucullt  they will leave, they will hang up the phone, they will not do business with you. The internet is no different.

We are here to enable your website to be seen in a very friendly, easy flowing format for every mobile application. Each job we do is CUSTOM. There is no way to automate the process! However, our special software automatically detects if your visitor is coming from a mobile device and... if they are we show them the mobile friendly version which we build for you.

And we can do this for any type of website...even full-blown comprehensive website! Makes no difference, it's just a matter of custom work done by us at The ICANetwork (The Internet Customer Acquisition Network)

Converting  a website to be viewed as mobile friendly is only one of the many services offered by ICANetwork.

Remember the 'Favorites' in Internet explorer, this made it easy to find the websites you wanted to keep in touch with. Today with some many smartphones, that favorite list is not longer used. What companies need today is to have their company on their customers smartphone.

ICANetwork offer a custom phone app solution, this is a 6 page mini mobile website, with unlimited text/email messaging and 2 QR codes. Long gone are the days of a phone app costing thousands, the ICANetwork custom phone app is only $39 us dollars a month.  Specially priced for the small business owner. There is nothing else on the phone app market that compares. 

Now how many people go to the closet and open up the yellow pages, gone is the day when having your business listed was a must. In todays world, companies need to be on that first page of Google.  Most people will do business with someone who is listed on that first page. In the past to do was out of financial reach for the small business owner, but not anymore.

ICANetwork will guarantee you first page on Google for you local marketarea and for your business catagory. But Beware, once that position has been filled, ICANetwork will not accept a similar business within that area. This is  a first come, first serve situation.

Other services  from ICANetwork  full product suite,  include maintaining your customers testimonies, creating a  www site for that small business owner who  still has no Internet exposure. 

As a free service ICANetwork offers free unlimited QR codes and the worlds first Virtual Business Cards.

For More Details on ICANetwork products please watch the video. 


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