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The Forest Through The Trees Janes Sunday Sermon
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The Forest Through The Trees Janes Sunday Sermon

You know the saying: "seeing the forest Through the trees or... the reverse which is not seeing the forest through the trees.

My recent emails tell me that many online are suffering from forest and tree syndrome where the big picture escapes them and they are getting buried by falling leaves.

So let’s take a walk through the forest and see if we can actually avoid the leaves and the twigs and make some green trees grow for you.

Question?  What is the very first thing you need to do if you want to establish a business online?

Answer: Pick something you are passionate about so that you will want to focus all of your attention on it. In other words ask yourself what area you want to spend your time and invest your money in so that it will make you want to get up out of bed every morning and work at it. Without that passion, it is very difficult to succeed in any business. You need a product to market that you believe in in your gut. If you are passionate about it, you can make others see that passion and want to purchase from you.

Picking your product is the most important element in your success after that the rest is pretty much routine and here is the routine that you need to follow day in and day out if you want that product to earn dough for you.

1) You need to be promoting somewhere each and every day. You can promote on Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn or Pinterest.

2) You can promote by using mailing lists daily-contact mailers where you are mailing to contact addresses not throw away addresses (as in safelists which are mostly throw away addresses) If a site does not say contact mailer on it, you are not getting your message in front of enough eyeballs.

3) You need to compose your ad copy and or articles that you write in a creative and interesting way that make people want to read them. For example if you join a site that has canned promos written for you and you use them just the way they are written, you are not likely to get results. Everyone else has seen them already. Use a canned ad as an anchor point for the benefits you want to describe but tell your own story about the site. Telling your own story means telling readers why you joined a site and what it did for you and how it can benefit your reader.

Getting real...You must have realistic expectations of what is possible to achieve when you start an online business or you are going to miss seeing the forest through the trees and end up frustrated and rolling around in the mud.

Getting real means:

You need to take a long view of where your business is heading. That means you need to have a development plan that you project out over 18 months to 3 years. If you think you can earn real dough in any start up business right away, you are dreaming. We are all dreamers and want instant gratification but in business put that dream in action by taking a pen to paper and creating a 3 to 5 year projection of estimated expenses and income for your business.

Run the numbers

Write down what you can reasonably expect to take in from the site you have chosen to promote over the next 3 years.

Write down what you expect to be your ongoing expenses and investment in your business over the next 3 years.

You must have the capital available monthly to invest in your business. No business runs on air so figure out
how much you can reasonably invest in your business each month and make sure you do it.

Time is money so they say and your time is your money. If you do not have time to learn how to market online
by attending webinars, reading books, reading articles so that you work smart, you are not going to make it.
Even if you pick a product to promote that you are passionate about, you need to learn your craft and then
make time to actually do the work involved to get your message out. You can hire people to help you when
you get big enough and need them but first you need to know the steps that you take to market so that you
teach your support staff what to do.

No Whinging please...

Do not write emails to anyone that say I can't do this. Once you say that, in writing, you are going to fulfill
your own prophecy. complainers always lose their way in a forest and never find the exit. Use your emails that
you write to anyone to obtain information and do it in a way that makes someone want to help you. Nasty emails
do nothing at all to achieve real help and knowledge. And keep your questions to experts short. No one wants
to read your history. Save that for your spouse or your friends. Just get to the point of what you are asking.

So Here is your Forest through the trees blue print.

Choose your product carefully-Make it one you love.
Plan your daily marketing routine and then follow it
Create ads and articles that stand out in some unique way by telling your own story.
Always have an estimated income and expense projection in front of you to see if you are meeting your goals
month by month and year by year.
Enlist help from experts, when you can, without the complaints and the nasty comments. You get much from honey
than with vinegar.

Losing your way in a forest is fine for a time but eventually you need to find your way out. If something
is not working for you then find another way. All entrepreneurs get lost at times but they follow the light
that shines through the trees and they work their way out of any jam. You can do this too. It is just a matter
of will and how much you want it.


Jane Mark is an author of several books on marketing and has been developing business websites online for 13 years. She is the President of Sokule Inc and JAM Marketing Inc and together with her partner, Phil Basten, have developed over 60 advertising sites used by online businesses to get the word out about their own products. These sites are forest through the trees sites that connect business owners with Social Media and List Mailing Advertising.



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