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Have you been tuning into Game of Thrones? the world of internet marketing and the game of thrones It's based on the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels and is a "medieval fantasy" set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros whereby seven families battle it out for control of the Iron Throne. Mind you... from what I've seen, it's all about "swords and shagging". Even though it's set in a make-believe time several hundred years ago, the fantasy world had more than a few similarities to the world of Internet Marketing.  Bare with me and I'll explain.... What's that got to do with Internet Marketing? For example:  Who's Side Are You On? In Westeros, you have seven families, or dynasties, struggling for power and control. It's the same in Internet Marketing... You have the Gurus sitting comfortably on the Throne, wielding their power and disseminating wisdom, usually in their costly training courses. Then below them you have other groups all vying for power with the hope of one day dethroning the gurus... Like the Clickbank marketers pumping out "push button" and "one click" garbage solutions on a weekly basis, all professing to dump millions of dollars into your bank account for doing very little work in return.  Ummmm yeah - whatever! In direct opposition to them are the Ethical Marketers, who release their own products and training but usually without the hype and fanfare of the Clickbank marketers. However, as with every good power struggle, everything is not always black-and-white... While the ethical marketers publicly denounce the Clickbank marketers, some have been known to "switch sides" on occasions and promote such poor products as they also eye a fat commission cheque. Then, stuck in the middle of all this chaos are the newbies. While their army has numbers they don't have the knowledge or power to take on the other groups. Internet Marketing BattlesDuring the heat of battle, some may be fortunate and elevate themselves into one of the other groups. But most will fall dead by the wayside. Even more confused and a lot poorer for their efforts. Okay, that's only four "families" rather than the seven in Game of Thrones, but you get the gist. Incest Is Rife in internet marketing too! The show also has other similarities to Internet marketing such as the Queen embarking on a sexual relationship with her brother. Yes, the IM industry does often feel incestuous at times.  The same group of marketers always jumping on each other's product launches, promoting whatever it is with little regard for their poor subscribers. Or two marketers having a public spat and then promoting the other's product with "my good buddy" type email marketing. It's a relationship only a pair of siblings "too close" to each other could enjoy. Reciprocity Equals Debt in the make money online game! And finally, what about Sean Bean's character of an ageing warrior reluctantly going back to war to fight for the King, played by Mark Addy? Feeling indebted to somebody else seems par for the course in Internet Marketing and you will often find yourself in situations you don't feel comfortable with. Perhaps a marketer did you a favour and now expects you to email out for them in return, even through you know their product is not up to scratch(and that's me saying it as diplomatically as I can!) no-crap-zone Do you go through with it out of duty or do you stand up for what you believe in and tackle the repercussions head on?   that's today's question - please leave your comments below :) This reciprocity crap is one of the main reasons I hardly ever promote anyone else's products and just promote my own!  I know my stuff is good and I stand behind it happily and if I do actually promote someone else's stuff - you can be sure its top quality! You see, Internet Marketing may appear all nice and fluffy on the surface, with everybody claiming to "help" everybody else succeed... But in reality, internet marketing is more akin to a medieval battlefield...choose your side carefully.   kym-pic-with-signature-2           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience - thanks in advance!

Hi, Im Kym Robinson and Im Loving Life and Internet Marketing! Join me on the I.M. Journey and discover the no fluff no hype way to build a real online business that will sustain you long into the future :)

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