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John I Paid Your Way in To Wealth2Xtreme From Your Upline Jane
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Hi  John

I have paid forward your level 1 account.
It is great to have you in our downline at

I love this site.
The risk is low and the rewards can be really high
even with just 1 referral.
Here is how I am approching this site
1) First know there are 12 levels that
you can upgrade to
The prices go as follows
I stoped there as I do not feel that most
people will go beyond the 7th level.
But you choose how high you want to go.
If you can, I would go to at least level 4
where I think most people will end up.
There are great training tapes in the
members area.
I am the worst when it comes to explaining
payplans:) but the webinar is great and
there are a lot of ways to ea*rn at this
When you start promoting the site, offer to
pay it forward for some of your own downline.
It will help your organization grow.
I took 7.50 and turned it in $9300.00 in
just 28 days. You can do the same thing
with this site but you will need to upgrade
to at least level 4 to get there.
Welcome aboard.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate
to ask.
All the best
Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: I wrote a review of the site which you may findhelpful.
PS: Once you upgrade to level 4, be sure to pick up your bonus for Yakamore in the members area of wealth2xtreme. It will give you an instant list of 100 members and it is worth far more than then your payment for level 4 at wealth2xtreme.


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