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Do You Put Your Subscribers On a Pedestal?
Why is it that some marketers put their subscribers up on a pedestal? Doing anything and everything to avoid “offending” them? dont-offend-your-sunscribers After spending time, money and effort getting that subscriber onto their list... They’re too afraid to send an email for fear of them unsubscribing. I say, if a subscriber wants to leave... Let them. It’s not just me saying this, but Stephan Schiffman, author of The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Sales People. Internet and email marketers are after all...sales people - those who don't know this shouldn't be dabbling where they don't belong! Having trained over half a million sales professionals across 9,000 different organisations, I’d say he knows a thing or two about handling prospects. [box color="red-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]As marketers, it’s our job to take the lead… to guide each subscriber...in the right direction. Tweet It![/box] We should be leading them through the perilous path that is Internet Marketing, recommend products and get paid for our time and effort. I’ve got a lot I need to talk about each week... So, I blog and email daily. Well, Monday to Friday at least. Even full-throttle Internet Marketers need a little downtime. But, if you don’t want my straight talking, yet entertaining take on the industry hitting your inbox every day... offending-subscribersThen unsubscribe. Of course, you will be missed, but I ain’t holding anybody here against their will. Alternatively, as Schiffman puts it... We could have a “long, ‘good’ relationship” whereby email contact is sporadic and fluffy... Where I never get around to the reason why I invited you to join my list in the first place. All this leads to is an odd, results-free limbo where neither of us knows what to do next... I’m not helping you and you're getting nothing out of being a subscriber to my list. “Marketers” who run their non-businesses like this are not marketers at all. But, while these sissies are peeing their pants at the thought of pushing the “send” button... My emails and blog posts are getting read everyday! I can not recommend sending daily content enough! (whether via your own blog or emails to your subscribers) But, if the thought of even attempting to write email copy every day fills you with dread... I recommend you check out Email Response Warrior. Its an excellent program that I have personally learned a lot from! The huge increase in exposure and sales will more than make up for a few unsubscribes from “non buyers” That's it for today my friends - come back and see me tomorrow - I look forward to your company then :)   Kym Robinson blog signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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