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Daily Commissions! $10,000 First Months Really Happen: Here's HOW:

You've probably heard that it's possible to earn $10,000 or more per month from EZ Wealth Solution.

It can happen even if you're only in Package 2, here's how, if everyone does their part:

If you make one daily sale of Package 2 for $97 for 30 days, and pass up your first 2 to your sponsor (they pay for their own Package 2) you'd get 28 commissions of $97 for a total of $2,716. You get paid every time you make a sale, unlimited times per day.

When each of your personal referrals gets their first signup and pays you for their qualifying sale of Package 1, that's 29 x $47 = $1,363. (Your first person is passed up to your sponsor and you pay your sponsor $47 for your first person's Package 1, so starting with your second person and all after that on Package 1, each payliner pays you $47 for their first person.)

The first person from each of those firsts in Package 1 will also pay you $47 for their first person in Package 1, this is a single infinity payline where each payliner pays you $47 for their first signup.

Then when your 28 personal referrals in #2 get their two qualifying sales of Package 2 within their first month, their 56 qualifying members on Package 2 would each pay you $97, that's $5,432. (The first 2 on Package 2 are passed up to your sponsor and everyone pays their own way into Packages 2 thru 5, so starting with your third person, they start paying YOU $97, and you get the first two people from everyone starting with your third on #2, each paying you $97).

The first two from those 2 will also pass up two qualifying sales of Package 2 to you who will each pay you $97, thru double infinity paylines, the first two signups under your payliners in Package 2 will each pay you $97 for their own entry.

It's not difficult to make 1 daily sale of Package 2, or at least several sales of #2 per week. Advertise consistently, follow up consistently, upgrade to #2 if you're only on #1, and encourage all your tour-takers to join at least up to #2 and encourage them to promote daily. Lots of Resellers get many more than one daily sale of #2, more than one daily sale of 2&3 together. It is very possible if you're very consistent.

This is not MLM, it's a Master Resale Rights business, when you buy or sell the digital product packages, 100% changes hands in member-to-member payments, each product package is an individual sale. The commission is not divided between people.

There are 2 compensation videos, the "How It Works" movie and the 1-Up video, it's mandatory that everyone watch both before being allowed to join, the total time of watching both videos is 18 minutes.



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