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I Am a Sokule Seeker Are You

I Am a Sokule Seeker-Are You?

Hi [fname]

Yesterday, I was no one.

Today I am a Sokule Seeker.

Do you know what a Sokule Seeker is?

I became one yesterday.
It took me no time to become one.

You can find out what a Sokule Seeker
is right at the top of the page right
here if you click on the link that says:
"Sokule Lingo"


How did I get to be a Sokule Seeker?

I told everyone I know about Sokule
and then I used my Sokens to get people
to track me at Sokule and before you
could turn around or tap your heels 3

I became a Sokule Seeker.

Applause please:)

You can do this too
It's not magic

You will find your Sokens waiting for
you right in the members area of Sokule
They are the coin of the realm. Use
them and you will become a Sokule Seeker
in no time.

Join Sokule Revolution.
It has taken the net by storm.

It's where all of the big marketers online
hang out and you can reach each and every
one of them, personally, in a nano second.

In Fact, at Sokule,you can reach the whole
world in a nano second.

Post one post on Sokule and it appears
instantly on Twitter and 15 other Social
Media sites-soon to be 40.

Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is combing
the earth and he is waiting for you

Seek and you shall find.
Become a Sokule Seeker today.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


PS Don't know how Sokens work?
Give a listen here and all will be


PPS Don't tellmy partner, Phil, but I am
beating him in trackers because he forgot
to make a Soken offer.

Don't you,[fname] make the same mistake.

You have sokens in your account right now
Make an offer. Even if your offer does
not appear in the Top 25, don't worry, you
will still get trackers. Your offer will
show up when people go to claim their sokens
Do it now. Build your list of tracker
in no time. Jane



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