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What is Pinterest all about?

What is Pinterest all about?

This article is written for anyone who has not joined the program Pinterest but may like to know about the steps of registering and what the site has to offer.

So here goes ...

Alright. I just received my invitation and signed up for Pinterest. Another social site like Face Book,Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

My "Invitation" you ask. Yes, it seems that if you want to join you must first send in a request for someone to sponsor you in to the program and then wait for your invitation from that person. Once received then all you do is register from their login screen (they suggest you can best do this via face book or twitter) enter a valid email address, select your user id and password. Click the login button and you are ready to go.

Finally I am logged into my Pinterest account.

Now what happens? What does one do with what is one of the fastest growing social sites today?

The first time you login, you will see the "People" page which has a collection of 28 various pictures that are associated to "interests" (People + Interest = Pinterest. get it?) and see a heading that says ...

"Click a few things you like so we can suggest people to follow".

Since I have an interest in marketing on the internet, I look through the collection but the only item that I find a potential match for its products. I click the picture.

Now the "Follow People" button at the bottom of the page is highlighted giving me the only option to proceed onward to the next screen. So bravely I click "Follow People".

After what appear to be a sort and match process the next screen appears with the heading ...

 "You're now following some people we think you'll like" and a new button labeled "Create Boards"

Looking down through the page there are ten (10) pictures of individuals that I am now following and their respective products none of which I can click on. The only buttons available are:

a. "Create Boards"

b. "Unfollow" and "Unfollow Friends"

 There is also captioned ("You are also following 7 friends and "You can unfollow these folks at any time") that head up several non clickable pictures near the bottom of the page with the words "people that I am following" (several look like people from Face book).

 Well I don't want to be unsociable and "unfollow" anyone, therefore I click "Create Boards" to go on to the next section.

 This new section is where I am asked to:

 1. Create Your First Pinboards (Hmmm. perhaps I had it wrong about the origins of Pinterest) for the following areas which are pre-filled.


a. Products I Love

b. Favorite Places & Spaces

c. Books Worth Reading

d. My Style

e. For the Home

There other items listed in a menu that I can replace these pre-selected ones with...

2. Other Pinboard Ideas:

a. Dream Home

b. Neighborhood Finds

c. Wedding Ideas

d. Favorite Recipes

e. Craft Ideas

f. Things for My Wall

g. Places I 'd Like to Go

h. People I Admire

i. Party Ideas

h. Kid's Room


3. My Entries:

a. Products-Internet Software

b. Favorite Places - Social Networking Websites

c. Books Worth Reading - I deleted this one

d. My Style - Free Wheeling

e. People I Admire - Franklin D Roosevelt (I replaced For the Home with People)


Click "Create" and then I am finished with this page.

Now a new page that asks me to click a button "Pin It" to Pin the site to my browser so that once installed in my browser, the "Pin It" button lets me grab an image from any website and add it toone of my pinboards. When I pin from a website, Pinterest automatically grabs the source link to match to the image.

Now I am finished installing the "Pin It" site button to my browser. The next step is to click the button "Start Pinning".

As I page through this section it appears that I can now select pictures of items and interests from people that I follow (and even new followers) that direct me to their website (s). These sites are webshots that have been "pinned" to a "board". There maybe prices attached to a page, sites you go to for chatting, and sites you can go to purchase furniture.

If you join, there is a help link that finally appears on the "Pinning Page". Looking through it there are some basic faqs such as:

1. What is Pinterest?

2. How does Pinterest make Money (the comment says that the intent is not to make money right now and that they are funded by outside venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.) It sounds to me like they have come up with novel social marketing site but are looking for ways to monetize their site.

Also in the welcome registration mail they send you it is stated:

"To Get Started. Follow a few more pinboards. Pinterest is as much about discovering new things as it is about sharing!

-- Pin with care. You are now part of the Pinterest community! Use big images, write thoughtful descriptions, and pin things you really love. Also, no nudity:)

This ends the write up on how to register and maneuver around the program.  As I delve more into Pinterest's marketing purpose and potential, I will share my thoughts with you.

I hope this article has been of help and p interest. If you decide to join, see you there.

Dennis Wile has much experience marketing on
the Internet since 2001 using various tools including social networking via web sites, blogs and article preparation for distribution to the internet community.

->   http://www.sokule.com/postit/dmwbiz

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