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Get Your Hands on This Today...This * Just In*
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Get Your Hands on This Today...This * Just In*


This is really exciting, cutting edge stuff
and it is hot off the press.

When Matt and Bryan Greene spoke to me about
this new site they just launched, I went bananas.

My lists will love this, I told them, and I
am getting it out to you just as fast as I can type.


This is backlinking Software but not
like any you have ever seen before.

This is...

Relevant Backlinking to your site...

This is essential for any site on the net to succeed
but there are so many, how shall I say this...
Crappy backlinking gimicks out on the net now
that they only succeed in getting your site
banned from Google or worse yet, it just never
gets listed.

Who needs that...right?

Not any longer.

Get your hands on this new high PR backlinking
software that gets you the kind of backlinks
that you need easily and without all that
manual work that used to be involved with
hooking up with authority sites.

You can  use this with a site that you own
You can use this with your blog site.

If you generate Sokwall links at Sokule or
You generate Kulebuzz links at KuleSearch

This site is for you.

And get this...

It is so cheap at their introductory launch
prices that I was astonished.

You can buy it at Bronze or Silver.

Both are one time payments and each comes with
sokens at Sokule as you will see on the main
sales page.

I am over the moon about this new site


Put it to work for you today.

This is a father and son team who have been
working to develop what I am going to call
The BEST backlinking tool that we have seen
on the net.

Use it today.
This will really help your sales.

Matt and Byran are pros at this. They have
been doing this for years and now they made
it dead easy for you to get backlinks without
all the hassle that used to be involved.

This is probably one of the best pieces of
sortware that Phil and I have seen in a very
long time and we are putting it in your hands

Go get um

Jane Mark
sokule Inc

PS: When you purchase under my link today , I
will double up the sokens offer.

Purchase Bronze and get 2 million sokens at Sokule
(value 2540.00)

Purchase Silver and get 4 million sokens at Sokule
(value 5080.00)

To collect: Send me your full name, your payment
receipt for SEO Ranker and your Sokule username


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens to
be added to your Sokule account

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here



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