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Once and Only Once...If You Act Now
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Once and Only Once...If You Act Now


Today we are running a Yakamore Business special

There is a reason I am running this today
and you will see why tomorrow.

I am going to reward you today with a Yakamore
Business membership so you can reep even more
riches from it tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

So Here's the Deal

Upgrade to a Business Membership at Yakamore
today and I add 100 additional Yakens to
your account which will start you off with
200 Trackers (list members at Yakamore)

This is a Crazy Deal and you should not miss.
Here's Why...

Here is what you get when you upgrade to
Business at Yakamore.

A Yakamore Business Membership will let you:

•100 followers for free.
•That is an instant list of 100 people.
•You can email your list every 7 days.
•You can post to your list members 10 times a day.
•Your posts can be targeted.
•Your emails can be targeted.
•You can post from Yak to Sokule and vice versa.
•You can add followres to your lists at any time.
•You get 4 yakens for every person you sponsor.
•You can exchange those Yakens instantly for trackers.
•You get 3 Free banner ads on your profile page.
•You get a business seal on on your profile page.
•Each post you make shows others your business status.
•Each post contains an arrow to your website and Google map.
•Every sign up you get at Sokule or Yak builds your Yakamore list.
•We are building you two lists at one time.
•You get 30% commission on every sale.
•You get paid every Friday.
•Your business membership comes with 3 Million sokens at  Sokule.(Value $3,810.00) This builds a second list for you on auto pilot.

Today Only When you upgrade to Business, you
will receive an additional 100 Yakens at
Yakamore which you can immediately exchange
for 100 trackers. That is an instant list
for you and you can post to and email that list

Today only, when you go business, you will
start out with an instant list of 200 Trackers.

I am even going to provide you with the one time
offer link which you missed when you signed up
to Yakamore


This will save you 100 per year over the
price for Business in the members area.

Then hold on to your hats and keep your powder
dry until tomorrow when you hear from me again.

I am going to show you how you can take this
Yakamore Business deal and double it up tomorrow.

You must take it today. Tomorrow will be too
late. You gotta trust me on this one. You
want to go Business today. It will pay off
big time tomorrow.

Yakamore is all about business and we mean
business today.

Grab the link and use it


And you in for a big surprise as to what
you get tomorrow when you go business today

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: The paylink for business is a manual upgrade.

When your account has been upgraded and your
Sokens bonus added for you, you will get a
detailed letter from me letting you know
all is done.

PPS: Yakens builds a list for you on auto pilot
at Yakamore. You do nothing at all. We build that
list for you and you can email that list. The
more Yakens you have the faster and larger
your list will grow. Today we start you off
with 200 Yakens. Don't miss it.

If you are not yet a member of Yakamore, join
us right here



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