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Outsource Services – What Office Functions Should a Company Outsource?

Virtually all organizational functions can be outsourced. An organization can achieve juicy benefits by hiring outsource services vendor. However, a company needs to analyze the office functions that would be most beneficial when outsourced.  As you consider the office functions that can be outsourced, consider the benefits that follow as well. The benefits are the general reasons why organizations embark on outsourcing. 

For a small office, it could be helpful to outsource secretarial functions such as confirming appointments, scheduling as well as making travel arrangements.  These functions can be outsourced to someone in a different location or on-site. The present dispensation’s technology makes it people for people to work from any part of the world. Interestingly, a small office can share an outsourced secretary across two or more offices, especially when the distance between the offices is close. Each business comes with its unique functions, and virtually all the functions can be outsourced.

The following office functions can be delegated to outsource services vendor;

Accounting/Financial Functions
There is outsourcing competition in this area. A lot of vendors provide accounting and financial functions, both offshore and in-country. The tasks performed by these outsourcing accountants include preparation of financial statements, payroll processing, general billing functions, and specialized services such as legal and medical billing. 

Typing and Transcription
Typing/transcription is also handled by outsource services vendors. It is possible to dictate and send through e-mail, clerical work that requires conversion to written words in a stipulated format. Such clerical tasks can also be sent via regular mail. For instance, a legal organization can leverage the service of a specialized vendor for its legal notes that require conversion.

Customer Support
For a manufacturing or distribution company, support is one of the major issues, especially when the product is technical in nature. One of the effective solutions for support issues is to outsource routine customer support calls. This is usually known as call center outsourcing. By outsourcing a company’s call center, the in-house employees re-focus their attention to the pressing needs of the company. Call center vendors are available in different sizes that would fit the needs of every business. Offshore call center services is common and also effective. 

Human Resource (HR)
Human resource functions require a lot of paper work. Therefore, a small company can benefit from outsourcing HR function since it usually has low hire rate. HR outsourcing also include general employees’ administration. Both small and large companies can outsource their human resource functions, especially when it is highly beneficial to do so. 

Sales and Marketing
If you are not well knowledgeable in marketing, it is best to delegate this function to professionals. Sales is a sensitive business function, it is the core of a business that yields income. So, the best possible option should be employed in handling a company’s sale functions which include Ads and Campaigns, Public Relations as well as Telemarketing.

All these business functions and more can be handled by outsource services vendor, with lots of benefits to enjoy.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting


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