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Tonight-Find out how to turn 7.50 in 3155.00 in 48 hrs
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Tonight-Find out how to turn 7.50 in 3155.00 in 48 hrs

Do you want to know how to turn 7.50 into 3155 in 48 hours

Or how to turn 197.00 in 13,871 in 21 days

Or how to turn 2000 into 250,000 in 6 weeks

or how to turn 75,000 into 2.5 million dollars
in  2 years

Today-5.00 pm est.We are having a live demo


It is called...

Misinformation Marketing

We will debunk all the myths out there about
internet marketing and tell you what is true
and what is not true.

We will get down to business and tell you
what you need to do if you are going to
be in business.

We are going to cut the away the wheat from
the chaff and take all the hype out of the
formula and show you step by step what you
have to do to make mon*ey online

I will go over with you the exact steps that
I take every single day to make this kind of
money online.

Be prepared to take notes

If you follow what I do every single day online,
you can make the same amount of money that I
do year in and year out.

I am neither a genious nor a rocket scientist
nor  particularly gifted at marketing but I do
have one quality in common with anyone making
money online or offline.

Find out what that is tonight.

Find out here


We are also going to reveal to those on the
call our new site that officially launches
this Saturday called Funny Mon*ey and you
will not want to miss that. Be there and you
can get in early.

Bring a pen or a pencil to take notes.

I am not going to pull any punches tonight
Both Phil and I are sick of the hype and
the gripe and tonight we are going to dispell
all myths.

See you later.


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you have not as yet joined this new
launch called Wealth2xtreme, I hightly recommend
it to you. It is one of the sites that we will
be talking about as we go through our webinar
and all it takes it 7.50 to get in. You keep
100% of the comm-issions. This is a great place
to start applying what I am going to show you

Join here

upgrade your account to level 1 with 7.50
and then show up tonight so you can learn
how to market this site step by step.


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