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he just bought EVERY marketing product for you!
 just watched a funny video from Russell Brunson...

Ya, I'm pretty sure that his wife was kinda upset. 

You see, his accountant just showed him that he's spent OVER $280k on "internet marketing" products over the past few years. 

So - I guess it makes sense WHY she was kinda upset... BUT... 

YOU should be happy... do you want to know why?  

How would you like his "cliff notes" on what actually worked, and how to do it? 

That would save you a LOT of time and money, wouldn't it?  

Ya, I thought so.  :)  

He just posted up this video that shows you what he learned in all the $280k of courses.  What works, and what doesn't.  I hope it helps: 

So, this video should give you the ability to NEVER have to buy another traffic course again...

Sound fair?  

Joy Packard

P.S. - oh ya, forgot to tell you...  on the video he actually GIVES you a free employee for a month too (that way you can outsource all this stuff, without having to pay a fortune until AFTER it's already making you money). 

Is it OK if I overdeliver...?  Good, I thought you wouldn't mind.  :) 


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