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Is Home Economics Becoming Lost In The Rush Of Today's Society?
Once upon a time in America, schools taught courses in household management.  These courses were known as Home Economics or Domestic Science.  Schools have offered less and less information about how to actually manage one's life because it has become thought of as common sense.  How should someone be expected to know when to change the oil, or replace a gasket in a car, or other basic maintenance, if no one has ever shown them how to do it? Or, how should someone be expected to grill the perfect steak? Or, manage their finances? Or, run wash their clothes without turning all the socks pink? And the list goes on.  The real fact about home economics is that it affects all parts of our every day lives.  Without guidance how should we be expected to know these things?  Are you young?  Are you just starting out?  Do you need help getting your mindset around how to run your household?  If you are tired of bringing dinner home in a bag, or want to learn to cook, or discover other aspects of Home Economics that now one has thought to help you learn, check out the new site that is dedicated to helping a new generation Discover Home Economics! 

Dedicated to helping others reach their full potential! Self employed marketer.

->   http://www.discoverhomeeconomics.com

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