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Home Decor? What is that?

Home decor is a fun exploration of colors and textures!  Think about your kitchen, how do you apply home decor to this room?  Well, start with the wall color.  What color would you like to see every morning while you are having breakfast?  Would you like a nice soft color such as blue or green? Or, would you rather have a bright color like yellow?  Next, think about what pattern or design you like.  Do you like apples, or roosters, or fruit, or maybe flowers? Go shopping, have fun, look around. Home decor is all about showing off your personal style.  Many of these patterns come on curtains, dishes, trivets, wash clothes, towels and many other items that are made for use in the kitchen.  While you are shopping around, come check us out and see if we can help you with other things, like cooking, long term food storage, family preparedness and much more!  We are small but growing and we would love to help you find other ideas to complete your home decor!

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