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What Site Has Given Away or Sold 29 Billion Of These?
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What Site Has Given Away or Sold 29 Billion Of These?


What site has given away or sold
...  29,549,546,950 Sokens

That is:

29 Billion, five hundred and forty nine million
five hundred and forty six thousand and nine
hundred and fifty of these!

No!  It's not McDonalds:)

The Answer is: Sokule


As of Monday, May 21, Sokule has given away

29,549,546,950 Sokens and counting.

Every second those numbers go up

Sokens are used to build a list at Sokule
for you on ATUO PILOT.

You do NOTHING at all.
Sokens do the work for you and build
a list for you on auto pilot.

When you sign up to Sokule, you get sokens
just for signing up.

You will have a list at Sokule before the
ink is dry on your sign up.

You get to email that list every 3 days

So Sokens are the coin of the realm at Sokule.

And over 29 billion have been given away to date.

Who Will collect the 30th billionth Soken?
Will it be you?

YOu can pick up 7.5 million sokens for yourself today.

We are running a May Silver Special

Sign up to Sokule today


Don't miss the one time offer when you
sign up for our silver membership

If you pick it up today, we will add
A 7.5 million sokens bonus to your Sokule
account and you will pick up a total of
7.5 million sokens with your Sokule silver
membership for a total value in sokens
alone of 9,525.00

You will not find a better deal out
there on the net anywhere.

A Sokule Silver Membership will let you:

* Pay once a year at a huge savings to you
* Build you a list on auto pilot
* Email that list every 3 Days
* Target Your Posts and Your emails
* Post to 86 Social Media Sites and
  targeted blogs with just 1 click
* Post to over 1.4 million KuleWall viewers
* Post messages as long as you like on Sokwall
* Use Sokwall 2.0 to get listed by the Search engines quickly
* Sokwall posts generate unique links for you
  that you can use anywhere on the net.
* Pre schedule up to 25 posts
* Auto Welcome your Trackers
* Edit Your Posts
* Cutomized your posting page the way you want to
* Post from your mobile phone at no cost to you
* Earn Commissions from 78.80 t0 998 per sale
  Plus recurring income


STOP and Read the rest as you sign up to Sokule
and pick up the one time offer for your
silver membership.

You will pay much more for it in the members area.

Sign up here

Go Silver
Pick Up your bonus of 7.5 million Sokens

And watch the Sokule ticker slide over
to the 30th  billion mark.

Who will collect it? Will it be you?

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join
us right here and watch for the special silver
membership offer as you sign up.

PPS If you are already a member of Sokule
use this special paylink to pay for your silver
membership and we will upgrade your account
manually and add your sokens bonus.


Please allow 24 hours for your account to
be upgraded if you use this manual paylink



Jane Mark is The President of Sokule, a Well Known Social media Posting Site and the owner of over 60 Popular online advertising sites.

->   http://sokule.com/

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