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How Does Ezine Article Submission Work?

Anybody that wants to succeed as a business has to invest in advertising. With more and more businesses operating - solely - online, Ezine article submission has become one of the most popular forms of advertising. Ezine article submission allows a business to generate great amounts of web traffic. They do this through SEO - search engine optimization - or directly. People can, for instance, click on a link in a resource box, which brings web traffic directly to a specific website. The article that is across the web then creates further links to a specific website, thereby raising the page ranking of search engines, moving it closer to the top. The closer to the top it gets, the more traffic it will get as well.

But what is an Ezine? An Ezine is basically an electronic magazine, the word Ezine actually being an amalgamation of these two terms. An Ezine article submission is used within SEO as well as article marketing. Basically, articles are submitted to directories. Other people are free to use these articles for free and copy them, for instance in their own Ezine or on their blog. The stipulation, however, is that they leave the article as it is, including any links. The very last paragraph in an Ezine article is called the resource box. This box can contain links that will usually lead to the website of the author. This is why it is so important to copy the article without making any changes. One of the main purposes of Ezine article submission is e-commerce. There is more to it than just increasing traffic to websites. It brings customers to a specific page where they can either purchase a product or sign up to an email list so that they start to receive information about the product.

One of the most important things within this is understanding keywords. There are two ways in which these are used. Firstly, they will bring a reader to the actual article. The second way is that they are used in the text that is clicked on to get to the link (known as the anchor text). This then tells a search engine what type of destination page is provided. There are many ways to find good keywords, which can also tell you what the competition for these keywords are. Very, very simply put, Ezine article submission is a way to generate traffic to a specific website. This is the main goal of anybody that is trying to make money from their website. Hence, writing articles that are engaging and interesting will increase the likelihood of people actually coming to that website or, for that matter, copying the article to use in their own Ezine or on their blog, thereby further increasing traffic to that website.

Dan McG.


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