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The Perfect Internet...WAZZUB Will Enhance Your Facebook Time... Plus So Much More!...

Perfect Internet?...Yes, WAZZUB is  the Perfect HomePage for Every Internet User...


Are you among the legions of Internet Users searching for the Perfect Internet experience?... Well,  Your search is over with the beta launch of the perfect homepage from WAZZUB...


Everything you would ever want in a perfect homepage is now
here...ready for you to custom taylor...based on your interests...


OK,...Picture yourself powering up your computer and your
favorite Browser to start a new day on the Internet...and your
home page is the perfect internet ...with everything at your
fingertips. Friends, Family, Chat, News, Videos, Games, Clubs,
Blogs, Businesses, Best Deals on the Web! Google Search...


               WITHOUT THE SPYING !!...

That's right...No storing or sharing your personal information, No Target Advertising, No Clicking.Just Fun, Friends, Social Community and the Perfect Internet Experience with
COMPLETE PRIVACY for everyone!!




This Perfect Internet Homepage Protects Your Privacy!


The integrated search engine protects your privacy ...as when you do

a search, the results are generated by Google, but we don't store any
personal data (like your IP address) and don't pass on any of this data
to third parties, including Google.

The WAZZUB Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is one of the shortest you
have ever seen; we respect your privacy -
we protect
your privacy - PERIOD.


And the best part is... It's FREE, FOREVER!...PLUS you can
earn unlimited Deal Points...which you can use JUST LIKE MONEY!

I will cover Dealpoints in my next post...

Imagine This:...after starting your Internet browser you find yourself
on the PERFECT Homepage....PERFECT FOR YOU because you  had
a hand in it's design....

You can enjoy a powerful search engine that respects your privacy, the
latest news exactly on those topics you are interested in, messages from
your friends and family, the best shopping deals on the Internet, your most-
loved games and videos, and useful links to, for example, FACEBOOK 
and 5 other  favorite websites...



WAZZUB is simply IRRESISTIBLE because it is all you or anyone needs for a PERFECT Internet experience.

OK... what is WAZZUB Exactly?

A powerful search engine? A social community?  A news portal? A games page? A chat room? A video directory? A shopping portal? An email service?

Well, 5 years ago the idea was born to create the perfect homepage for ALL  Internet users. After 2 years of intensive market research and after thousands of interviews with users from all around
the world, we found out that most users generally want the same things but many users have different interests.


Let’s take the topic “News” as an example:


Perfect Homepage


For most users, the Internet became the #1 source for news. But the topics might be totally different from user to user. While cricket is the most famous sport in India, Europeans and South Brazilians are more into soccer, and in the USA the leading sport is football. In Kenya the leading sport is distance running...


Through lengthy research, we found that  there are 6 main things that people do on the Internet:

-    they search for news
-    they search for the best deals/products
-    they communicate with friends
-    they play games
-    they watch videos
-    they visit websites of special interest

It was our vision to create a home page that can be
personalized in a way that every single user is able
to set up his/her “Perfect Internet”.

Now, 5 years later, we are launching the Beta Version
of our project.

Our goal is to set new standards in usability, privacy,
security and personalization of a home page such  has
NEVER been offered before by anyone.

WAZZUB delivers the base frame and it is up to our
members to decide which content they want to see...
and specify in which language they want the content

Our Beta Phase launched on April 13th... and until
July 31st, AZZUB
members will create THEIR
“Perfect Internet” by taking part in voting, by adding
their preferred local and national news sources, by
proposing games, deals, functions and much, much more...

YOU Help Design it!!!

Our plan has been to start the Beta Launch with a
very basic page...but over the coming weeks... YOU,
our members, will together create a customizable, 
state-of-the-art perfect homepage.

And there’s more to come: Our project is the first
where WAZZUB members share in the success of
the company...while they are helping design their
own Perfect Internet Homepage.

Here is your initial opportunity to comment on this
post with your thoughts/ideas/suggestions for what
you would want YOUR Perfect Internet Homepage...
to do, while protecting your privacy...



Power of WE


So... NOW is the time to Join the ALWAYS FREE  WAZZUB Family ...To Check out the Perfect Homepage... and Then Let's Activate The Power of "WE" Together...For the Perfect Internet Experience.







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