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This is One of The Most Responsive Lists I Use
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This is One of The Most Responsive Lists I Use


They call me the Queen of Lists.

That's because I belong to almost
every mailing list on the net.

I own 273 lists.
Host another 250 lists

I wrote a book on lists

I know something about lists at least
I hope I do:)

For the past couple of months I have been
testing a new list. It's called Yakamore


I can tell you, without hesitation, that the mailings
I do on Yakamore are some of the most responsive
results that I get anywhere online.

If you don't know about Yakamore, sign up here.


There are two membership levels at Yakamore
that let you use the mailer

A business membership is an annual membership
and will let you mail to your followers every
7 days.

An executive (founder) membership is a one
time payment and lets you mail to your followers
every 3 days.

You can see what you get as an executive member below

If it is responsive mailers that you are
looking for, Yakamore has it in spades.

Oh...and did I mention that at Yakamore, we
build a list of followers for you instantly.

You will have a list to mail to as soon
as you upgrade to business or executive
and you can start mailing right now.

So...do NOT miss the one time offer as you
sign up.

You will pay a lot more for these memberships
in the members area if you miss them on sign up.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

Here is what you get at Yakamore when you
become a Founding (Executive Member)

You pay once and here is what you get.

* 200 Followers for fr*ee
* You pay once and that it is it. No Monthlies
* That is a list of 200 people instantly
* You can email that list every 3 days
* You can post to that list 15 times a day
* Your posts can be targeted
* Your emails can be targeted
* You can post from Yak to Sokule instantly
* You can post from Sokule to Yak instantly
* You can auto welcome your trackers
* You can add to your lists at any time
* You get 5 yakens for every sign up
* Exchange those Yakens instantly for trackers
* You get 3 Free banner ads on your profile Page
* You Get 3 income building programs
* You Get an executive seal on on your profile
* Each post you make says you are an executive
* Each post you make also contains an arrow
  to your own website and google map
* Every sign up you get at Sokule or at Yakamore
  goes right into your Yakamore list. We are
  building you two lists at one time.

* You get 40% commission on every sale
* You Get paid every Friday

* We Advertise your Yak Affiliate link for you

* It Comes With 10 Million sokens at Sokule
  (Value 12,700) This builds a second list
  for you on auto pilot.

You have never seen anything like Yakamore

The motto at Yakamore is...

When a Tweet at Twitter simply isn't
enough There's Yakamore.

That says it all. Yakamore is a powerful
advertising site for your own business

Use the mailer. You will find out I am
right about this.


If you can't swing executive, pick up the
business membership as you sign up.


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