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Oye Vey AlertPay + the Two Fer Payza Headache Special
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Oye Vey AlertPay + the Two Fer Payza Headache Special


Watch For The Payza Headache Special below
It's a Two Fer

I am sure you know the expression Oye Vey
It's Yiddish for dismay.

In case you missed it yesterday, Alertpay
turned into Payza and all I can say right now
is Oye Vey!

What this means for you?

It is our head ache now.

We are changing all our pay buttons at our
sites so they go to the Payza buttons.

This will take some time and you will notice
these changes over the next week or so to
all our sites. Many have already been changed.

Nothing really has changed for your own
Alertpay account.

Your alertpay account is the same
It just has a new name.

I did notice one thing that has changed.

When you go to alertpay.

You will be directed to log in at the Payza log
in page and you will need to enter your whole email
address not your id in order to log in.

This is the same email address that you use
for Alertpay now and you account is exactly
as it was at Alertpay.

This change is giving me a huge headache.

It is times like these, I wished I owned one
site and one site only:)

In Honor of the AP To Payza Change we are running
a Payza Headache Special where you get 2 campaigns
for the price of 1.

You won't need an aspirin for this. It will
cure your marketing ills right now.

Here is the Payza Headache Special

Purchase One Campaign at our 1 Click Marketing
Machine Site and get it doubled today.


This is a one time payment and instead of 1
campaign you get 2 today when you upgrade
at 1 Click

1 Click is our complete set it and forget
it technology. We have all of our 63 sites
running at 1 Click driving traffic to them

Get two of yours in there today for the price
of 1.

Our Headache is your bromide:)

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: This is 1 Click in a nut shell

1 Click. That's It. You're Done. Ca*sh In Now

Don't miss this.

Have you seen 1 Click Marketing Machine?
It is a gem


1 Click is a set of automatic submission tools
that are so easy to use, even my dog, Cuddles
can use it.

You pop your url in for you site
Write a very short description of you site
Pop in a few keywords.

Hit submit
That's it
You're done.

Ea*rn comm-issions of 40 to 200 per sale paid daily

PPS: The second campaign will be added manually
once you pay so please allow 24 hours for your
second campaign to appear in your account.


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