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(JBP) Are You Stuck In The Land Of NBT's?
If you've spent any amount of time online you have no
doubt been exposed to NBT's.

What is an NBT?

The "Next Best Thing."

When most of us started working online, the thought of
finally doing our OWN THING and not trading time for
money building somebody else's business was intoxicating.

However, every time something new hits the market, we
rush in and start promoting it like we own it..... which in
most cases, we don't!

Once again, we are trading time for money and building
somebody else's business.

Not only that, but we went from bad to worse because
a good portion of these NBT's tend to be the "here today,
gone tomorrow" types. As a result, we end up with nothing
for all of our efforts because we never owned it in first

Didn't we pursue the online thing so we can could escape
from that?

It holds true in the traditional 9 to 5 work model and
it holds true here.....

There's nothing wrong with promoting a new program to
make some additional money here and there as we all do
that. However, if you're not building YOUR OWN sustainable
online business at the same time, it's no different than
working a 9 to 5 job for another person trading time
for money.

Break that default pattern today and join a proven program
that has been around for years from Stone Evans. This
system doesn't build his business, it builds yours!

He gives you the exact 30 day success model he used to
make his millions and also provides a website platform
to do the same thing for yourself.

Does it require that you spend some time building it?

Absolutely, but aren't you already spending that time now
building somebody else's business?

Change your "worker" mentality today and get back to
the "entrepreneurial" spirit that drove you here in the
first place.

Opt-in now and start building YOUR business today. It's
time to stop being an online employee.



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(JBP) Jaye and Brad (JB) SOTAM Co-Founders Pledge (P)

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we pledge
to only promote quality programs that add value to your
advertising/money making efforts. While we cannot guarantee
every opportunity will be worthwhile, we will research the
admin history, market opportunity, and promote only those
programs we believe to have the highest market demand.


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