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Are You A Hot Dog Without a Bun...Labor Day Special
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Are You A Hot Dog Without a Bun...Labor Day Special


Without a list online that you can mail to,
you are like a hot dog without a bun.

Those days are over.

I am going to build you a list, right now
today and then I am going to continue to
grow that list for you on auto pilot until
it reaches hundreds and then thousands.

You don't have to do a thing.

I am going to build an instant list
for you that starts with 250 members
and will grow to hundreds and then
thousands on auto pilot

Yep! You don't do a thing.
We grow a list for you.

You can email that list every 3 days
right to their contact address.

I am also going to give you 7.5 million
sokens in your account. These little
criters are what builds your list on
auto pilot for you and they are worth
their weight in gold

The actual value is 9525.00

Without a list to mail to on the net, you are...

A hot dog with a bun
A hamburger without ketchup
A Steak with out sizzle
Champagne without bubbles
Coffee without cream

Well..you get the idea

Without a list, your goose is cooked on the net

We give you a list instantly
Then we grow it for you.

You will not find this anywhere on the net.

Only Sokule Does this for you.


If you are not yet a member, join us right
here and pick up the silver membership on
the way in.

It is a steal.

If you are already a member of Sokule, then
use this special silver upgrade link and
get yourself the list you need to succeed


Watch while we pour on the mustard, add
the sauerkraut and put the sizzle back in
your marketing.

Do it today.

This special ends at midnight tonight est.

Go get um


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