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Want $6,539.95 in Ad Credits?...including MILLIONS of SOKENS??

You could join Viral PLR for free and earn referral commissions and sales commissions and have 1 banner & 1 text ad displayed, and contact 3 levels of downliners every 3 days...

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What do you get for upgrading to GOLD in VIRAL PLR?

* Build a List Of Verified Subscribers Up To 8 Levels Deep Instead of 3!
As a Gold member, you'll build a subscriber base of up to 8 levels deep instead of 3. So this means you'll build a bigger list with the same effort. You can then mail out your newsletters, announcements and offers to your subscribers using ViralPLR's built-in email broadcast system. Remember, all ViralPLR members need to confirm their email to become a member. This means higher quality leads for you.

* Get Instant Access To Next Month's Product!
When you upgrade to the ViralPLR Gold membership, you'll not only receive the current product, you'll also receive next month's product to kick-start your online business!

* Email Each Of Your List Everyday Instead of Every 3 Days!
Why settle for emailing each of your list every 3 days when you can email them every single day? This is a big benefit you get as a ViralPLR Gold member. It enables you to use our Email Broadcast System every day, instead of every 3 days which the majority of people have. This means if you emailed your list today, you wouldn't have to wait another 3 days to email your subscribers... you can email out as soon as tomorrow with your offer or newsletter!

* Integrate Your Own Autoresponder Into The System!
You'll also be able to integrate your own autoresponder such as AWeber and GetResponse into the system. So this means that you'll not only build your downline through our system, but only your personal leads. This gives you more options to email your list at any time, set an autoresponder sequence, and more. The bottom line is, you'll have complete control over the leads you generate.

* We'll Raise Your Commission Rates!
We'll increase your commission rate for any customers you refer. As a Gold member, you'll receive up to 75% commissions instead of up to 50% when you're a Silver member.

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Here are many more reasons to upgrade to GOLD in VIRAL PLR:

* Get Paid 100% Instantly & Directly On Your Product Sales
By now, you should know that with every product you receive in ViralPLR every month, you can either give the product away for free to build your list using the squeeze page we provide or you can sell the product using our provided sales page. As a Gold member, you can sell the product and receive 100% of the payments instantly & directly when a customer you refer, purchases.

* Track Your Emails With Extensive Stats
As you know, part of the ViralPLR system is its email broadcast system which allows you to email your downline that you've built. This is a standard feature you get already as a Silver member. But with the ViralPLR built-in email tracking system that you get as a Gold member, you can track email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This means that you can test exactly which email you sent produced more results. This valuable tool is not available to non-upgraded members.

* Save & Retrieve Email Templates For Future Mailings
Every time you send out an email to your list, the system will automatically save it for future mailings. No longer do you need to re-write or copy and paste your email swipe again. Simply retrieve your email from the list, and it automatically retrieves it so you can quickly send out your mailing. With the standard Silver membership, you cannot save any emails you send out to your downline.

* Advertising Credits Added To Your Account Each Month!
Each month we'll add 1,000 text ad credits PLUS 1,000 banner ad credits to your account so you can advertise other products and services inside the ViralPLR members area and other peoples sites.

* Receive Random ViralPLR Members In Your Database
We've programmed a system that randomly puts ViralPLR members who weren't referred by an affiliate to random ViralPLR members. This system is automatic and you do not need to do anything. Any leads in your database you receive means extra eye-balls to your offers!

* Get a Massive 50% Discount On Optional, Additional Products
Another great benefit you'll get is the ability to gain access to additional products at a special upgraded members only discount. The system will instantly add the product(s) to your account so you can resell the products right away.

* Complete Private Label Rights
What you get in the Silver membership is Viral Private Label Rights. You have the ability to use our system to resell the product or use to build your list  -- all hosted on our site which makes it 100% hands-off for you!
But in addition, you might want complete control of the actual contents of the product, that's why we're offering complete private label rights to every product you receive each month.
What is Complete PLR and how is it different to Viral PLR?
Complete PLR = Viral PLR + Standard PLR
Viral PLR = Hosted on our server and limited with customization. Each ebook is rebrandable only using our rebranding system.
With complete private label rights, you get access to the source files such as the Word document and PSD graphic files.
This means that you can modify the entire eBook, whether you want to extract some content or add some content, you have that control. You can also modify the eBook covers and websites since the PSD (Photoshop) files are included.
You may also modify the squeeze page and sales page that's included in each PLR package you get each month.
This also gives you the advantage of hosting the product on your own server.
Remember, you get a brand new product every month. And with the ViralPLR Gold Membership, you'll get access to the complete private label rights to each product, every month.

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Now here are all the BONUSES for upgrading to GOLD Membership in Viral PLR:


Advertising Credits!

5,000 ViralURL Viralbar Text Ad Credits
 5,000 ViralURL Banner Ad Credits

5,000 ViralinBox Text Ad Credits
5,000 ViralinBox Banner Ad Credits

5,000 ViralHosts Text Ad Credits
5,000 ViralHosts Banner Ad Credits

5,000 TheListAuction Advertising Credits

5,000 ViralAdStore Advertising Credits

Annual ViralPLR Gold Members receive:
2 Million Sokule Credits


Lifetime ViralPLR Gold Members receive:
5 Million Sokule Credits
Bonus advertising credits on ViralURL, ViralinBox, ViralHosts, TheListAuction, ViralAdStore and Sokule with a Total Value Up To: $6,539.95!

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Master Resale Rights to 21 sizzling reports and 2 hot ebooks...Worth a total of $485.00

Benefits of these bonus Master Resell Rights products:

Just as an example, when you have just one of these products selling online and sell just 30 copies at $10 each that's $300* you make for the month.

When you have TWO of these products online and sell 30 copies for each product that's 60 sales - $10 x 60 copies = $600 a month*.

Now check out what happens when you have ALL FIVE of these products selling online...

When you have all FIVE products for sale and you sell 30 of each for $10, that's $10 x 150 copies. You'd make $1,500 a month*.

Save time and money! The product's already been created for you. Simply put edit the sales page or squeeze page with your order link/autoresponder code and you're ready to sell or build your list.


Bonus Guide: 8 Profit-Pulling PLR
Strategies That Really Work!
Discover 8 Totally Unique, Profit-Pulling Strategies That YOU - Or Anyone - Can Use To Rake In MASSIVE Recurring Profits From Private Label Rights. . . Starting Today!

10 MP3 Audios & PDF Master Transcript
Total Running Time: 1 Hour & 25 Minutes

New to private label rights? No problem! This study course will help you.

Value: $47.00


Bonus Membership: Get Gold Access To a
Private Vault of Resell Rights Products!
Get Lifetime Access To Resell Rights Mastery!
Access a wide variety of resell rights products and private label content that you can use as raw materials to build more businesses online.
Value: $197.00

Ready NOW?


Thanks for joining Viral PLR!
Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom


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