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Welcome to Part 3 of "Running an Online Business"

Today I am going to talk about
the dreaded "T" word
>>>TAX <<<

The scary but simple truth is that the majority of Internet
marketers who are making money online part-time never
give a moment’s thought to the fact that they should be declaring
their online earnings and paying tax on them.

This is a very big mistake to make, especially in jurisdictions
like Australia, the USA, UK and where the taxation authorities have
almost unlimited powers that they can invoke against anybody who
they suspect of tax evasion.

Perhaps you have never thought that forgetting to pay a little bit of
income tax on your on-the-side earnings is tax evasion, but that is
exactly what it is, and the longer you allow the problem to run, the
bigger the problem is going to get.

Running an Online Business will be discovered by the Tax Man.

Perhaps you believe that running an online business is never going to
be discovered anyway, but if that is your belief, then I am sorry to
inform you that you are sadly mistaken.
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Running an Online Business


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