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Running an Online Business. Part 4.
In Part 4 of my 7-part series on
Running an Online Business,
I outline the legal documentation that you should be using
on your website.

You will need to have some
basic legal documentation on your website, in order
to keep your online business safe.
Chances are that
you've probably seen  many websites with these types of legal
documents, but didn't realize
that you also need them on your website to keep it safe.

Basic legal documentation is a very important part of
running an online business safely.
If you are running a website without
certain legal documents to protect yourself,
you may be leaving
yourself and your business open
for more trouble
than you ever
bargained for.
Visit my Blog

to read more
on this important aspect of
Running an Online Business... 
Hope this helps.
Liz Delaney

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