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My Phone Rings Sokule In a Crowded Room
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My Phone Rings Sokule In a Crowded Room


What happens when you are in a crowded room
and your cell phone rings but you don't grab
it because everyone else phone sounds similar?

I never have that problem.

I never miss a call.

My phone rings Sokule.

Did you know that Sokule has it's own theme song
and it's own ring tone.

We are in fact the only Social Media site
in the world that can boast about it's own
theme song.

You can listen to it right here.


And we have a ring tone right in the members
area of Sokule that you can download for
a song:)

If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
the kulest social media site on the net,
join us right here


If you are a member log into your members
area. Go to line 8 in the members area
that says "Kule Stuff" and get a ring
tone that will make you stand out from
the crowd.

I sell as many memberships to Sokule when
I am at my hair dressers or in the super
market and my phone rings as I do online.

It pays to stand out from the crowd.

Sokule is known as the Gentle Giant of

It pays you to use it

Go get um


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