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The Four Golden Rules By Brad Webb

When I got started online, I really had no idea where
to begin and I was in desperate need of a low-tech.
solution that could be implemented fast and easy.

The market was full of training material for those
in my situation but they also seemed to be designed
for those with a college degree in this stuff.

That's wasn't going to work for me so I decided to
create my own marketing plan and direction.

Because of the popularity of the websites I design
with my business partners, I am contacted often
through social media outlets asking how to get
started online.

Since my response is always the same, I decided
to put together a page giving people my exact

Just so you know, you aren't going to learn some
"secret black hat method" here. It's a straightforward
model that is easy to understand but does require
you put in the time and effort.

Early on, we all try the instant riches thing because
that's the most appealing. If you're new, try this
approach instead so you don't get frustrated and
quit because you got ripped off.



Brad Webb

P.S. If you have additional questions after reading
this information, you can schedule a meeting with
me right on the home page.

If you know others that could use this information,
please feel free to share it with the installed social
media buttons. Let's help others do it the right way
and build up our community in the process.


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