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Are The Rumors True...*This Just In*...New Launch
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Are The Rumors True...*This Just In*...New Launch


Are the Rumors True that one of the experts on
the net has decided to spill the beans about
the tools that the top marketers (sometimes
called Gurus) use to make 7 figures online?

Yep! It's True.

My partner, Phil Basten, decided he was sick of
all the guru secrets that are kept just among a
small group of people and he has decided to
tell tales out of school.

He calls them GuruTales.


These are things you Must know if you want
to succeed online and they are just what I
use to make a 7 figure income online year
in and year out.

It took Phil years to put together the best
of the best for you and now you can have
it for a song.


You can ea*rn your one time payment back
in a heartbeat by letting others know
about GuruTales

When you downlines at other programs ask
you where they should go to get help send
them to GuruTales

You will ea*rn 50% commission and when you
make ten sales you become our partner and
earn 60% commission on every sale

You can also ea*rn 250.00 per sale on
the one time offer plus monthly residual

Speaking of monthly residual income, do not
miss the one time offer as you sign up to
GuruTales. It will give you access to our
largest contact mailer with over 74,000
members and you can pick it up for a song
and that mailer comes withb 250,000 mailing

If you want to make 7 figures online, you
need to know where the experts go to do it

Gurutales has it all.

The Rumors are true. Phil spills the beans
without holding anything back.


Go get um

Jane Mark
sokule Inc

PS: Your Purchase of Gurutales comes with
2 million sokens at Sokule (value 2540.00)
You can't miss with this one. You will see
how to collect in the members area.



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