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EXTREMELY LIMITED Founder Positions! Be Part Owner!
500 of these have ALREADY sold ... in just one week! Wow!
You still have time to grab a Founder Position if you want one. You should at 
least check it out.

Yes, I did get one. I believe this is the best opportunity to hit the Internet in a long time! We can ALL make money here ... no matter
WHAT we do! (seriously)

I am thrilled with how great Funky Shark is.

This is 100% passive income that everyone makes -- no matter what.

Funky Shark is paying out 50% of its profits straight to members. Really. 
I doubt you'll be able to find many businesses doing that.

They are selling 1,000 Founder Positions, and it looks like around 500 of 
them are already gone. This happened in just one week!

If you have been considering grabbing a Founder position, you'd better act 
quickly. There is no way of telling how fast these last 250 will sell out.

Of course you can join as a regular member and make a lot of money. The 
Founder positions are just for those who want to be part owner of Funky Shark.

When you sign up, make sure to click on "Founder" at the top in of the member area. Get the information so you can make a decision.

Funky Shark is close to making its first commission run. A quarter of a 
million dollars was made in the first week by members ... ALREADY! Now THAT is definitely worth checking into!

Here is a little bit about the Founder position. Again, this is totally 
optional. I did grab one, because I expect Funky Shark to grow HUGE.

Founders receive:

 *$500 cash for every new Founder you bring in.
 *A "Free For Life" membership. No more monthly fees.
 *A share in ALL bid packs purchased daily.
 *A share in ALL monthly membership fees collected daily.
 *A share in ALL daily profits from the Penny Auctions.
 *Platinum qualification for life on ALL Matching Bonuses.

Grab your spot in Funky Shark today. Remember ... they are definitely sharing 
50% of their profits with members.
This is something we can all make money with!


P.S. If you think you might like to be a Funky Shark founder, please do not 
hesitate. Make sure to grab that right away. I expect the last 500 to be 
snapped up quickly.


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