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SOLAVEI Defines Social Commerce!

SOLAVEI Defines Social Commerce!

The National Launch of SOLAVEI happened on September 21, 2012.

It was an event that will not be soon forgotten.  It was the launch of a multi-billion dollar SOCIAL COMMERCE Event!

A Beginning!  And there is no stopping it now!

I AM SOLAVEI!  And here is why!


Solavei has been the best kept secret in Network Marketing.  If you have been watching what has been developing - it is the unique opportunity for all members.

Not only can you make money from those you sign up, but you will make money each and every time a member uses their SOLAVEI VISA DEBIT CARD at a participating store.  How is Target and Walmart to start.  7% of each and every members that uses their debit card at a participating store goes back to the members.  Now multiply that by millions of members.  Pretty impressive?  It gets better - companies are signing up everyday to get in on this.  It's called SOCIAL COMMERCE and SOLAVEI is bringing it to you. 

 Now is the time to “Learn & Earn”!!

So – Make it a great day!
Nina Spelman & Friends
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I am a Founding member of SOLAVEI, wanting to be a part of a Multi-Billion Dollar StartUp for this Social Commerce Company! Solavei is just economically smart for everyone! Join Me in the Solavei Revolution


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