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Solavei & the Social Commerce Revolution

Solavei & the Social Commerce Revolution is
 Addressing current economic challenges and the high cost of mobile service,
Solavei(TM) launches today as a new social commerce company with an affordable,contract-free mobile service that actually pays back consumers for adding new members.
The Solavei Mobile Service is a comprehensive mobile virtual network operatorutilizing T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network. Consumers simply sign up for a $49 per month unlimited voice, text and data plan and can earn income by engaging friends and family to purchase the mobile service through Solavei's integrated social networking platform.
Our Offer to you:
We will refund your 49 dollar activation
fee. That gives you a f.ree months service.
How the compensation plan works?
Trios are the basis of Solavei compensation and bonuses. You achieve a Trio when you, or anyone in your personal network, enroll 3 connections with Solavei. For example, if you were to enroll 3 Solavei members, and one of them enrolls 3 more members, you’ll have 2 Trios in your personal network each returning $20 per trio a month in residual income.
Your phone bill at this juncture would be $9.00 mo.
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Part family owner of Comppage, Inc. On site paging solutions. Early response systems. Currently developing an on-line business to supplement my retirement.

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