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Gimme 10- Columbus Day Special-Ca*sh Give Away
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Gimme 10- Columbus Day Special-Ca*sh Give Away

Have you heard of KuleSearch?

We are having a one day special today because...

We are giving away Ca*sh Today
I mean the real cold hard stuff.

We call it it Gimme 10
Keep reading to see why.

Have you heard of KuleSearch?

It is fast becoming the place to be to

* To Ea*rn instant Ca*sh
* To Get Paid Daily
* To Get your own site on top of all the major Seach Engines
* A Way to get listed on page 1 of Google in 48 hrs

It is the world's first and only intergrated
Social Seach Engine and it one of the most
talked about new sites on the net.

It is an advertising powerhouse-designed to
get businesses noticed fast at the top
of Google, bing, yahoo, twitter, myspace,
sokule, youtube, yelp, amazon and 8 other
popular search engines.

It is a players delight where you can
buy, sell and link to keywords instantly
and ea*rn on every transaction you make
and ea*rn on every transaction your downline

And today only. We are giving a 10%
override to anyone funding their KuleSearch
account today with 50 bucks or more

Be Quick and you can make yourself 10%
right now.

Here is what you need to do to collect
your 10% override.

Anyone who signs up or who funds their account
today with 50 Kulebucks or more at KuleSearch will get
10% of their purchase price added to their account.


Fund your account with 50 bucks today and
we will add 5.00 into your account today.

Fund with 100.00 and you will get 10.00
added to your account today.

Fund it with 500.00 and you will get 50.00
added to your account. (This payment
gets you automatically into our silver
weekly profit share pool)

We are giving you a 10% override on any
funds you put into KuleSearch Today.

KuleSearch is the place where the action is
fast, furious and fun and provides you with
some of most powerful advertising on the net.

Grab your override today

This offer starts today and ends in 24 hours
so be quick.

Grab your 10% override now.



I call it the little engine that can.

You will call it home for years to come
Once you join you will never ever leave
the site, Ever!

Warning: It's addictive.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to
add back your 10%. You will see it pop up
in your account balance.

This offer applies only to people funding
their account today for the first time or
with new funds today, Oct 8th, Columbus Day

PPS: This offer does not apply to anyone
signing up as a founder or partner today
since we already give you back hugh sums
of dough for those memberships.



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