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Social Media and Marketing

How To Turn Social Media Into A Local Lead Generator In 4 Minutes… And Get New Customers By Tomorrow

Here’s a marketing technique that will transform your business.

It’s called social check-in, and it’s just one of many social humanizing techniques. It’s where you turn your brand into an interactive community focal point. A place where customer meets crazed fan and raving follower. From this pivotal point, you can manage the interaction, and redirect local attention to your business and products.

Bingo! More targeted leads, more sales.

Get this: The big corporate guys are already doing it, and they are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars! But you can do the same for next to nothing…

Here’s How You Do It

Hi, Samantha Briggs here. And I want to show you how to take your struggling local business, and get a flood of raving targeted customers knocking at you door… By tomorrow.

Let’s imagine that your business is a fitness gym. And you are desperate for some new customers. What do you do?

You could create a new special. Let’s say, a 14 day free trial membership to your boot camp class. And you could promote it via the radio and television. But that will cost you several hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

OR… You could create a special deal and promote it via social media.

All for free! No need to pay $500 for a fifteen second radio spot. No need to fork out $350 for a small text ad in the newspaper. No need to wastehard-earned money on a local television ad.

Nope. You can get the same targeted advertising for FREE… (And it’s actually more efficient.)

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