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Reach Out to More Than 3 Million People Who Live in the Toronto Area

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Is One of
the Most Diverse Cities in the World.

You may even think of it as a reflection of the world.

WomTown and Bill Darton help Toronto Local Businesses with word of mouth (WOM) advertising and social media marketing.

Our Targeted Premium WomClassifieds are the newest edition to our WomTown marketing portal. Previously, our WomClassifeds were only shown on our world-wide site. Now you now have the option of having your WomClassified show up on specific cities that you prefer to target. Choosing Toronto first is a wise idea because of the vast reach of Toronto's citizens.

Here Is How It Works:

  • Register for free and get 3 Free WomClassifieds.

  • Free Womclassifeds last for 30 days and show below level 3 on our world-wide site.

  • Premium Womclassifieds last for one full year, are 7/$1 and show in the first three rows at our world-wide WomClassifieds site.

  • Targeted Premium WomClassifieds also last for one full year, cost 3/$1, are targeted to the City you choose, and also show on the world-wide site.

Just imagine... a small investment of only $10 would provide 30 Targeted Premium WomClassifieds. Submit one per day and you potentially reach 3 million people every day for a whole month. Place your ad every other day and your message is promoted for two full months.

Always remember... we are your WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing machine.

WomTown is powered by WomVegas - the Word-Of-Mouth Cenvention Center of the World. Over 45,000 members are encouraged to promote our Local Business Listings and WomClassifieds via their own Social Media accounts. They are eager to do this to earn points, prizes and credits for their own promotions.

Put the power of WomVegas to work for you. Place your Targeted WomClassified at WomTown Toronto.

Bill Darton is the WomTown City Promoter for:

Toronto, Ontario | Hamilton, Ontario | Saint Catharines, Ontario

Interested In More Information About Becoming A City Promoter?
You will earn a minimum of 25% of all WomClassified revenue
from Your City - no matter who buys or sells the advertising.

Just Visit http://27town.com/ and Enter Promo Code 38668



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